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jdhart73 04-20-2011 6:52 PM

06 X2 adding more weight suggestions
I have the factory ballast plus the 2 rear locker fly high add ons plumbed in to the overflow and I want to add more weight to the front of the boat. Do I pay the inflated price ($329) for the Fly High bow bag that can plumb in to my overflow to put up front (650lbs I think?) and buy another 400lb sack to put on the surf side seats? Or do I just buy 2 400# sacks and a Tsunami pump and put one up front and one on the surf side? Looking for thoughts as I have no experience with either set up and the ease of either one. Either way I will have to purchase the Tsunami pump.... so with option A. plumbed in the bow and an extra bag I am at $515.00 and with option B. for 2 bags and a pump I am just under $300.

Thanks in advance!

wakecumberland 04-21-2011 8:41 AM

I had the integrated bow sac in mine and if I was you, I wouldn't pay $329 for it. If I had to do it over again, I think I would buy the 1000LB triagle sac ($179) for the bow and be done with it unless you really want it hidden. I found that with the integrated sac, I basically gave up all the storage in that part of the boat b/c nothing will fit up there when its full. So unless you have people that sit up there when you ride, I would just get the triangle. Then buy a 750 or 1100 sac to surf.

My favorite weight to run in that boat for wake is:
factory full,
rear 450s,
integrated full (500?)
tube sac in bow area (400)

So basically you would have exactly that if you just threw the triangle in the bow.

Cliff Note's version:

1000lb triangle $180
750lb fat sac 150
Tsunami pump 100
Total $430

PS. If you really wanna get gnarley for wake, put the 750 in the floor! That would put you around 3,300 lbs well distributed in the boat. Have fun and post results!

Jeff 04-21-2011 9:23 AM

If you're used to automatic ballast you're probably gonna dislike filling a bunch of bags "manually". Is the '06 a forked bow? I haven't measured it but I looked at an '07 X2 with the integrated bow sac and it looks like it holds quite a bit under there so it will likely be 650+ lbs.

On a 20' boat I'd be trying to keep as much ballast as possible off of the seats and floor but I'm trying to do the same thing on my 23' because outings with 10+ people (Lots of small kids) are pretty common for me.

What about getting 3 400 lb bags. Put 2 under the front side seats and tee the factory overflow off to both of them. Then do another tee for the vents of both 400s. Not sure if those tees would result in uneven filling/draining or not though. Then for wakeboarding put the third 400 under the very front seat in the bow and fill it manually (It won't be nearly 400 lbs in there but still good bow weight). When you're ready to surf you can move that bow 400 to the surf side.

jdhart73 04-21-2011 9:59 AM

Thanks guys.... yeah the more I think about it the more I want to keep bags off the seats if possible, aside from the surf side sac.
I never use the storage up front (except for box anchor) so I wont miss any storage. I think I may try to find a deal on the bow sac and then pick up a 400lb bag and a pump and call it good. Sounds like I should have a very surfable wake with this.

Thanks all!

Jeff 04-21-2011 10:23 AM

You could splurge on the fancy integrated bow sac then go cheap and get one of these for your side sac:

That will give you 150 more lbs too.

jdhart73 04-21-2011 10:48 AM

I like the look of that one Jeff, like the handles if I need to move it.
Whats the best pump to grab for those?

Jeff 04-21-2011 2:10 PM

Good luck moving 550 lbs with those handles. You could probably drain it 1/2 way and then move it with someone else assisting. Being round you might be able to roll it when filled to the max to the port side for a goofy rider but you'd have to keep it on the floor, not on the seat.

I personally wouldn't buy any of the premade pumps out there unless I got a good enough deal on one to be able to replace the hose and still come out ahead. They're all a bit overpriced and have cheap vinyl tubing that kinks easily. I have a straight line one with the same cheap tubing and it has permanent kinks in it that restrict flow. If you don't mind assembling a few parts I would go to wakemakers and get a plain Tsunami 1200 along with a W738, a W734, 8-9 ft of their 1" Premium Ballast Hose, 15-20 ft of the 16/2 wire, 2 1" hose clamps. Then go to Radio Shack and get a 12 volt outlet adapter to plug the wire into the "Cigarette" lighter.

And a couple of heat shrink crimp on connectors:

Once assembled that will give you the equivalent of the Fly High 1200 GPH ballast pump accept with better hose and $20 or so cheaper.

Now, whether you make the above pump or buy the fly high one you will need the $10 W735 "Perfect Union" adapter to be able to connect to the Aerial bags with the waterbed style fittings.

The setup you'd be assembling yourself or the "real" Fly High 1200 GPH pump with the Perfect Union adapter will give you flexibility to fill fly high bags or bags with waterbed style fittings.

spencerwm 04-22-2011 10:27 AM

I agree. I am not sure why more people don't make their own Tsunami pumps besides the convenience of the Fly High pumps being pre-assembled.

venetrex 04-24-2011 8:14 AM

I have a 2007 X2 plus the fly high all the way around plumbed into the overflows for the hard tanks. I had to upgrade the timers. The system as it sits works very well for surfing, unless I don't have a lot of peeps, like when it's cold. I bought the 1,100 pound fly high surf sac and put it where the cooler is. I added another ballast puppy mounted next to the KGB pump. I Teed the intake before the KBG pump and ran the hose over to the bag. For the vent I put a T with a ball valve on the port side overflow. The ball valve is if I'm setting up for hydrofoiling or wakeboarding and I don't want the water to spill into the surf sac. I used the wash down switch location in the dash, but changed to the right switch. Also used one of my old timers so everything will work like original. I'll take some photos. I have not tested it yet but the install is very very clean. I hate throwing pumps over the side, aa real pain in a**. Fly high ballast in the front works just fine. again I'd use the overflows

jdhart73 04-24-2011 2:01 PM

Thanks Ronald, thats a good idea. I surf goofy though and I may as well have one bag that I fill with a pump by hand so I can switch side to side easy.

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