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hdultra 01-09-2011 3:47 PM

FCT3 speaker and rack options
I ma looking at getting a 2010 210 with an FCT 3 that does not have racks or speakers currently. I have checked with roswell and they offer some spinner racks that mount up in the factory locations. Currently skylon only offers ones that do not spin for that tower. Also it has the ZR5 cargo rack so I was wondering what people recomend speaker wise as I would like atleast 4 on the tower and the only way I know to do that is get the kit from correct craft to mount two in the swival location and angle two up top. So basically I'm looking for suggestions for options on swival racks and atleast a 4 speaker setup. Trying to stay away from the correct craft racks as I have heard they are 1500 a piece. However I do not want to sacrafice function. If you have pics too that would be great.

lakesurfer 01-09-2011 4:59 PM

I dont have a SAN 210, but if I did I would have


I have these Samson 180 degree swivel racks on my Avy. I believe they make them for the FCT3 tower as well.


Tower Speakers:

If I had that tower, I would put a pair of Wet Sound 485 above the cargo rack

See Chattwake's very nice SAN 230s here with that set up


brit_rider 01-10-2011 6:56 AM

I'd definitely go down the Roswell Wake Air rack route - they make Nautiques Racks so you know you're getting something of a decent quality that will fit well and look OEM. Simply buy 2 racks and the swivel kit and it'll seamlessly bolt on with very few visible bolts.

As for speakers, you can just about squeeze a pair of pro 80's and pro 60's up there with a ZR5.


The pic doesn't show the ZR5 but we added it days later. there are literally 1/8ths" between everything fowling up so you have to be careful when lining things up. Looked great when done though!

brit_rider 01-10-2011 6:56 AM

Coincidentally, these are also Roswell Racks, not the factory Nautique version. Install was all one by yours truly.

david_e_m 01-10-2011 7:55 AM

The Wetsounds Pro485s will fit above the cargo top and in some cases requires a minimal adjustment or extension for the top mounting. Its nothing. Keep in mind that the Pro485 has far less hang height than that of a Pro80. This also keeps all drivers well above the rear cockpit occupants. Performance wise this is Wetsounds' best proposition in my opinion.
We have also installed two pair of HollowPoint 770 HLCDs across the front tube of this tower. This still gives you a substantial midbass speaker at 7.7-inches diameter, low hang height at a maximum of 8.75" plus all speakers are positioned high so they are well above the in-boat occupants.

Earmark Marine

brit_rider 01-10-2011 9:32 AM

Side note, the customer can still put things like a kneeboard or wakeboard in the Z5 with a couple of pro 80's up there where as I assume 2 Pro485's stops this??

hdultra 01-10-2011 1:05 PM

Thanks for all the advise so far. I will be looking it to all of these. Hopefully my boat will sale fast so I can go ahead and get the 2010.

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