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brttkrz 06-25-2009 12:47 PM

I'm putting new DPDT switches in my buddies boat. The switches that are in there now require relays and we have been having electrical issues with them the last year or so and now this year they arn't working. I'm just wondering what size wire I would need if I ran one wire from the battery to the dash and then split it into three 12 gauge or three 10 gauge wires to go to each switch. We are running two ballast puppies and one johnson pump (not sure on the numbers because they are all worn off). Looking through past threads on ballast switches it seems the Carling 20 amp 12 VDC switches should work. Looking for some advice on what size wire to run. The ballast puppy tech sheet say that 12 gauge for 10-25' and 10 gauge for 25-40' so I'm thinking the 10 gauge.

bchesley 06-25-2009 1:34 PM

I had a 9 foot run from my pumps to the switches and went with 10gauge. It doesn't cost that much more and ensures there is enough power.

airrantz 06-25-2009 1:43 PM

Go bigger for the ballast puppies has been my experience. If I recall I ran 10ga and wish I ran 8ga now because if the house batteries drain it's tough to get the switches to engage the pumps.

brttkrz 06-25-2009 9:21 PM

Thank you guys. I will for sure go with the 10 gauge maybe more once I get the measurements for the distance. How far did you go with yours Ryan

bchesley 06-25-2009 9:21 PM

To clarify my post I ran a ten gauge to each switch. I did not run a ten and then split it. I have no issues with the pumps flowing plenty of water.

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