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pesos 06-24-2011 8:16 PM

New York legalizing gay marriage?
Looks like it may happen tonight:


pesos 06-24-2011 8:37 PM


passed 33-29

digg311 06-24-2011 8:50 PM

Progress! Can't wait for the day when people look back and wonder how the hell we we weren't smart enough to have had this all along.

cadunkle 06-25-2011 12:03 PM

Progress? How in the world is this progress? Marriage is a private institution, that state should have nothing do to with it. The solution to all this gay marriage nonsense is to get the state out of it entirely. Then marriage would become a private matter as it should be in any country that respects individual liberty. It's none of my business what two consenting adults do behind closed doors, why should it be any of the State's?

pesos 06-25-2011 12:05 PM

I happen to agree with you Cory - but funny how no one took up that cause until now =)

06-25-2011 12:12 PM

Marriage is a business transaction. If you don't think so - try to get a divorce in a church.
I'm surprised the attorneys haven't been pushing harder for this - more marriages means more divorces. I read somewhere that one of the first gay couples to get married in MA (2 women I think) ended up getting divorced a couple of years later.

pesos 06-25-2011 12:14 PM

My wedding photog friend out here in Manhattan is stoked. Business will be booming this summer!

digg311 06-26-2011 8:16 PM

II don't disagree either. But the fact is, as long as the definition of marriage continues to be an issue of the state, they should at least get the definition right. And trust me, it'll continue to be an issue for the state... being married has too many real world implications... insurance, patient rights, etc...

wakeskatethis 06-26-2011 9:23 PM

Yeah for Humanity!!

rdlangston13 06-27-2011 9:55 PM

i agree with cory, get the government out of marriage entirely. as far as the lesbian couple in MA getting divorced, i read a report on some European country once that had same sex marriage and in their country the divorce rate among gay couple was much higher than that of a straight couple and they were always cheating on each other. dont remember what country it was, it was a couple years ago

jason_ssr 06-30-2011 4:13 PM

They fell for it!! The straight community thought it was unfair that their fellow countrymen didnt have to put up with the burden of marriage just because they were gay. The straight community had the cultural pressure of marriage, as it was required for social reasons, as well as the health benefit and other legal agreements tied to marriage. And if they wanted to end the relationship, it was overly costly and in many cases a legal nightmare.

Gays on the other hand had it made once equal capability was established. There was no pressure to get legally merged because they couldnt. Health benefits were offered out to domestic partners, and all the legal rights married couples have could be eastablished with legal documentation. They set up a perfect WIN/WIN. All the capability without any of the accountability.

then they let the straight man goad them into insisting on marriage. OUCH!! Be careful what you ask for. LOL!!

On a serious note, good for them, but I wonder if entities in NY that had to open up "married only" policies to accomodate gay partnerships will now be able to close back up now that marriage is an opportunity for everyone?

rdlangston13 06-30-2011 9:01 PM

Every state should legalize gay marriage except for TX. then they will all move away

pesos 07-02-2011 3:22 PM

Jason there are a lot of people on this board who perpetuate the myth that i's possible for gay couples to get the same rights as hetero couples without being married - but I'm surprised to see someone as intelligent and well-informed as you among them.

This is just one recent example (of which there are many) where that simply isn't the case:

Once again gay couples are blatantly discriminated against, and during one of the most traumatic times couples face (hospitalization).

wakekat15 07-03-2011 7:07 AM

It's absurd to say gay people can establish all the same legal rights of straight people with documents! Try getting in to see your loved one in ICU; try leaving your pension to your partner; try having your social security benefits, that you paid into your entire life, paid to your significant other, I could go on...but I won't. Let's keep pretending that states that ban gay marriage are protecting the "sanctity of marriage".

"Somewhere between 43 percent and 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. If you believe gay marriage is single-handedly eroding a sacred and ancient institution, you cannot possibly be pro-divorce. That means any legislation passed in recent decades making divorce more readily available—from no-fault statutes to the decline of adultery prosecutions—should also be subject to bans, popular referendum, and constitutional amendment." (Holy Matrimony What's really undermining the sanctity of marriage? By Dahlia Lithwick)

jason_ssr 07-04-2011 5:46 PM

Wes, my post was in jest regarding those in NY. From what I understand CU are granted in NJ and honored in NY. That's is also just what I glean from HR website, not policy research. Yes, I understand that other states are more prohibitive, and this is a great step for NY. I've never touted my comedic skills but I hope the humor came off as just that, light hearted perspective from a married guy.

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