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foolish_one 08-16-2004 6:04 PM

I need advise on how to weight my 04 tige 22i for goofy riders to acheive the best wake preformance. I can surf easily behind the boat with just the TAPS and im not to sure on the best way to start adding weight, but i really wanna surf with a bigger wake so any advise would be awesome. <BR>-Cory

wakeboarder2687 08-31-2004 6:27 PM

I have an 03 21 i tige, with Rival ballast. What I do is fill the back bag and the front side(depending on which side I'm surfing). Then I try to get a bunch of people in it. I would reccomend putting whatever you have for weight in there, all along the side you will be surfing. I would make sure you have some weight in the front too. On mine I usually have to bring the taps down to like 4-5 or it gets too washy when there isn't much weight up front.

tjstyphon 09-14-2004 2:51 PM

I just got done surfing an 04 22i without ballast. The weighting depended on how many people, with 10 in the boat we put 1 fat sac in the side locker in back and 1 sac on the side of the engine (switching both sacs from side to side for regular or goofy riders.) With only a couple of people in the boat we added a third sac between the engine and the rear seat. It was a great wake!

tjstyphon 09-14-2004 2:55 PM

I forgot about the TAPS! With two sacs and tons of people (all on one side) the TAPS was set to 6, with less people and 3 sacs we had to set the TAPS to 1 or 2 to get a curl, otherwise it was all wash...hope this helps. Just play with it until you get it dialed in!

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