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buzz_grande 11-02-2004 7:31 PM

Out with a bunch of the crew Sunday and havin a really nice, sunny San Diego day. Last day for weekends at San V. Last run of the day Katie takes a fall. As I swing back around for the pick-up, I notice something is not right. Holding her knee, still in the bindings, and facial expressions that say "Oooowww". Not a good way to end the day. She was trying a TS W2W jump, landed, and heard a loud "POP". Man, that sucks!! Finally got her out of the bindings and onto the boat, and eventually away from the lake. If she puts any weight on the bad leg, she gets a pop (along with pain). To make a long story short, the first doc says probably at least an ACL tear, but needs an MRI. That should be by the end of the week. <BR> <BR>This is the first BIG injury on my boat in 3 1/2 years (unless you count my abdominal tear. Anyone want to see those pics again? I didn't think so!) <BR> <BR>Well, this really bites!! <BR> <BR>Katie: Sorry! My boat is sorry! <BR> <BR>This is even worse since Katie is one of my hardcore steadies. Always ready to go riding, shows up on time, etc. Two snowboarding trips in the past couple weeks, etc. Really sorry pal. We are all really feeling for you. Like I told you, many boarders get this kind of injury, and come back to tear up the lake again. Keep your chin up!! <BR> <BR>Anyone with any similar injuries or encouragement? Pleas efeel free to pump up her spirits.

jaegermaster 11-03-2004 7:13 AM

Katie, best of luck. It always sucks to hear of someone getting injured. Here is to a quick and full recovery.

canaday 11-03-2004 10:18 AM

Katie, just coming off the same injury, I know it sucks, but looking back, it is not as bad as it seems at the time.

antbug 11-03-2004 10:52 AM

Katie ~ I feel your pain. Get better soon and make sure you keep the knee strong. Good luck.

aspenshayn 11-03-2004 11:14 AM

I tore my acl in late may at lake powell. foot slid into the binding so far it took along time and a lot of pain to get it off. I had surgery in early june and am now at 100%. I live in aspen and the doc tells me that I'll be back in action on opening day!! looking forward to going south for some wakeboard action as soon as possible. take care katie

stanfield 11-03-2004 12:38 PM

I broke my tibia as well as tore my acl and mcl in June. Had surgery in late June. I'm by no means close to being 100%, but I've been putting the board on recently and surfing and sliding around a bit. <BR> <BR>Here's to a speedy recovery.

wakeguru 11-03-2004 1:49 PM

How graphic could a photo of an abdominal tear possibly be? <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

cocheese 11-03-2004 1:56 PM

You didn't want to ask that! It was bad!

stanfield 11-03-2004 5:09 PM

The question should be how hairy can one man be?}

buzz_grande 11-03-2004 5:26 PM

It's so nice to see that someone remembers. Must have been as painful to look at the pics as it was to receive the injury. No, I am not that hairy anymore. I did end up getting the full body wax, and I mean full. Maybe I will send that picture next!

andystrawn 11-09-2004 8:19 AM

skip the MRI and have it scoped. The mri is a waste of money and time, they are going to have to scope it anyway...

ivyrider 11-09-2004 8:19 PM

I had the same thing happen to me back in August. Tried a W2W, HS, landed all my weight on my left foot, loud pop that went thru my whole body. When I tried to stand on it, it kept popping. Dislocated my knee, ACL, MCL tears. I was on crutches for 3 weeks, and in the Robo-Leg brace for another 3 weeks. I had the MRI. Did the Ortho appt. I agree waste of time, although, I don't know if they will do the scope without it. I had to put off the surgery until after elections (dang job). The surgeon said he wont know the full extent until he starts in on the surgery, even tho they did the MRI, they will just have to fix it all while in there. Surgery next Thurs. <BR> <BR>Katie, if you need moral support from another girl, who is going through it too, hit me up.

xbar 11-10-2004 4:39 PM

Been there with both knees. Most recent was in January with J-Rod. Threw the HS backroll and landed a little off balance. Tore the ACL, MCL, and cracked the tibia. Had the reconstruction done in early April and am now feeling about 80%. <BR> <BR>Being that it was the 3rd knee surgery in as many years I've sold the wakeboard and only skate now. After all the recent rehab I am happy to say that I'm back out behind the boat going w2w and throwing body varials with no pain at all. It certainly does get better and you'll be surprised at how quickly that happens. But for now, keep your head up and don't rush to get back into it. They say it is at least a minimum of 6 month rehab before you can return so you should be good come next summer!!!

jarrod 11-10-2004 4:54 PM

hey jason. <BR> <BR>are you talking about THIS backroll? <BR><a href="http://www.wakepics.com/img/12806" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/img/12806</a> <BR> <BR> <BR>

buzz_grande 11-10-2004 5:47 PM

Here is the latest. Katie finally made it to a knee doc 2 days ago, and is now scheduled for surgery this Friday. For now no MRI, just going to scope it and see what damage is inside.

aidan 11-10-2004 10:36 PM

Never say last run///it's bad luck

tcluv85 11-11-2004 8:53 AM

Katie - Good luck and take care, remember to rest. <BR> <BR>Buzz - Keep us updated please.

buzz_grande 11-13-2004 12:33 AM

Well, here is the latest. The knee was scoped this morning, and a partially-torn ACL was found. The torn portion was clipped off, and the rest was apparently left intact. There was also some meniscus damage, so some cleaning and stapling was also done. Katie still had a good buzz going, and was quite uncomfortable when she was telling me the results. Don't really know more than that right now. Wondering if another surgery to add to the ACL and strengthen it will be in the future. Will have to wait and see. <BR> <BR>For now, rest up, take your drugs, do your PT, and get signed on to WakeWorld and get rappin'.

buzz_grande 11-13-2004 12:59 AM

Misty, <BR> <BR>Keep us updated on your surgery and progress. Best of luck to you!!

tammygirl 11-16-2004 7:45 AM

I cringe when I hear of people tearing ACL's...I'm sorry to hear about that Katie and good luck Misty. I wish the wakeboard didn't come with so many risks! <BR> <BR>I just had surgery a week ago on my ACL. I think the worst part is that I can't sleep well at night and just the overall post-op uncomfortableness of not being able to bend your leg back. <BR> <BR>Yuck!

ivyrider 11-17-2004 11:37 AM

Thanks guys!! All set for tomorrow AM. bright and early at 6 AM. I'm a little nervous, but more because I have a really high tolerance for meds, and haven't found one yet that can take the edge off, not even morphine. <BR> <BR>Buzz: How is Katie doing now? Will they do another to replace the ACL? <BR> <BR>Tammy: How long were you on crutches, or are you still? HATED them before, want to be off as fast as possible. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by ivyrider on November 17, 2004)

buzz_grande 11-17-2004 4:14 PM

Katie update: <BR> <BR>Her doc is kind of a bonehead, as far as bedside manner. Those of you that have had surgery - did you get PT after? I know I did, and many others do too. Her doc seems to think she can just sit around and bend her leg, put weight on it, etc, on her own. I told her to get another doc, and get PT so it heals right. Still don't know if they are going to graft more ACL in there since hers was patrially torn, and the torn piece clipped off. Anyway, I will keep you all updated. <BR> <BR>Misty and Tammy- best of luck to you both. Please keep all of us updated. It is good to know there are others out here that have to go through the same stuff. (Boy, that does not sound right, but you know what I mean!) <BR> <BR>Take care!

tammygirl 11-18-2004 7:24 AM

You can walk with your brace on without crutches in less than a week...good luck Misty, you are probably under the knife as we speak. <BR> <BR>I got PT after my 1st knee. That is one of the most important thing to a good recovery. Katie you need a second opinion at a minimum! I've already been to 3 sessions and I'm a little over a week out!

xbar 11-18-2004 9:15 AM

With both of my knee reconstructions, I was in PT for 6 months post-op. However, every surgeon has their own recommendation and theories as to what is best. Some will say that crutches are needed for the first month or two. I personally used them for about a month until the knee felt solid enough to support my weight. <BR> <BR>What I cannot stress enough is to really work on your range of motion whenever you have the opportunity. Obviously, this is all pain tolerant. But do what you can to work both your flexion and extension. <BR> <BR>My first ACL reconstruction I didn't move it much because of the pain and fear of the unknown and I had problems resulting in another surgery. I couldn't get my extension and so my leg was bent until they gave me an epidural and cleaned out the scar tissue that had built up. So really try to push through as much of the pain as you can to get your range of motion. So long as you are working on passive range of motion you will not damage anything that they have done in the repairs. Hope this helps and wishing you a speedy recovery!

ivyrider 11-21-2004 1:50 PM

Tammy: I was under the knife as you wrote that! LOL!! 4 days later, I am getting around pretty good. Better than I think I had imagined it. They did more fixing than was anticipated, but so far, so good. Small chance for a 2nd surgery in 2 months, doesnt know if the MCL will need more repair than what he did. ACL reconstruct and Miniscus repair on both. How are you doing now? <BR> <BR>Buzz: I have my 1st post op appt on Thurs, and at that point, the Dr will prescribe the PT. She does need a 2nd opinion if the doc said no PT. duh. You want it to heal right, not just heal. How is Katie doing? Tell her I said Get Well Soon!!

poser007 11-21-2004 3:39 PM

Just a pick me up story, About two years ago I was playing Basketball, I was on a fast break an all of the sudden my knee went POP!!!!! I fell grabed my knee and the next thing I know my knee cap is half way up my thigh.....Everyone was freaking out!! I almost passed out when I looked at it. Anyway, I ruptured my Patella Tendon Had two Opperations alot of PT and I am probabbly back to about 80%. Last summer I wakeboarded and had a blast, had to be careful when landing jumps but Im still out there (Mind you, my jumps are like a foot high cause I am such a novice but hey)

buzz_grande 11-22-2004 1:44 PM

Misty, Congrats. Glad the surgery went well. Yea, I know, PT for a good amount of time is very important. Even with my minor surgery, I did several months of PT, and was glad I did. Even more important with a more involved injury/surgery like yours and Katies. Good luck on a continued recovery! <BR> <BR>Katie update: Her first doc gave her 6 PT visits. Her doc that did the surgery has not given her PT yet. I am still trying to convince her that she needs MUCH more than 6 visits. Her doc explained to her that since she only had a patrial ACL tear, and that some is still intact, that it will slowly grow back and strengthen, and that she should not need another surgery or ACL reconstruction. I have heard something like this before, but really don't know much about it. Anyway, she is getting around a bit better.

ivyrider 11-24-2004 10:40 AM

Buzz: That is really hard to imagine. I vaguely remember my Ortho saying something about if there is a partial tear to the ACL, it won't grow back, what grows back in is scar tissue, and not the same... I am wracking my brain, but its still foggy, and I can't recall what he said. I have an appt today, and I will ask. I would still think she needs to have PT, to learn to strengthen the muscles around the ACL, to prevent further injury.

buzz_grande 11-25-2004 8:07 PM

Misty, <BR> <BR>I agree with the PT, and she has a few more visits, but I told her she needs to get that continued so that she "continues" a good rehab, instead of just getting slowly better. I will keep working on that. <BR> <BR>As far as the ACL thing, I may call my surgeon and run it by him just to get another opinion. Mostly just curious, but would also like a second opinion to pass on to Katie. <BR> <BR>Hope you continue along on your healing <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

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