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doobie 05-12-2005 7:15 PM

I have a 200 Celebrity BR200.I mounted my rear base plates on the sides(no top mounting possible because of very rounded edges).My sides have a slight curvature.I would say 1/8th inch gap top and bottom when laying solid base against hull.My monster paws are really squished in the center not so much on the top and bottom of the base plate.When I pull on the center of the tower in a downward motion I see slight movement on the bases plates. I added 1/4 inch wood strips 3"x6".I only drilled holes and tightened the wood in a sandwich,hull-wood-paw-plate on the inside of the boat.The tower is absolutely silent. Questions are? Should I worry about the slight movement?, Is my set up not so good.Can I tighten base to hull more or is there a chance of damaging my hull by overtightening? BTW That Tower is absolutely beautiful!From order to my door in 5 days!

walt 05-12-2005 7:36 PM

Call or write Monster Tower and they will answer your question.

monstertower 05-13-2005 10:25 AM

Walt, I'll send you a PM. Sounds fine but maybe you can send me a picture.

walt 05-15-2005 3:29 PM

Bill, I don't need the help Doobie does.

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