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jmcdanie 06-22-2011 1:29 PM

Want New WakeSurfer
I currently ride behind a MB 21 TWB.

I have two boards that I switch between: Liquid Force Venture and a P5 Prop (I realize these are not really comparable since they are both different types)

I weight around 210. The venture has lost it's fun factor (too big and the fiins are pretty large), but the P5 seems a little too small for my size (and my experience). I like the way the P5 is loose, but it is a little to loose (it feels like I am riding a lunch tray on ice).

I am not the only one who rides and I would say the weight range is from 150 to 210 pounds for the normal folks that may ride with me.

I think I would like to find something that is between these two boards that is stable, but also playful (spins and maybe some airs eventually).

What board would you all recommend I trade my P5 for?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

TheSqueakyWheel 06-22-2011 2:28 PM

If you like skim but want more stability, maybe P5 trident

If you want a solid feel, look at surf. Perhaps the Inland Surfer Mucus.

wakemitch 06-22-2011 4:48 PM

That weight range is a bit tough since i would put you on a 56" while the 150lbs on a 51". You currently have a 54" that you say is too small, but I think if you go to a better board you will be able to ride a 54" just fine. Plus that would allow everyone to feel comfortable with the size. The Drew Danielo Pro models and Diamond are really fast so even those at a 54" would work for you. If you are looking to do airs I would recommend a Carbon or Diamond board because they are much snappier and carry their speed up the wake better because they are stiffer.

If you want to get away from the traditional skim you can go with an Inland Surfer 4'8" Skim. They have the Woody, Black Pearl Yellow, and Virus. They are all the same board but different graphics. You can put 3 fins in them to give them more grip. But if you are looking to do airs I wouldnt recommend the board because
they arent as fast or stiff as the Phase 5 Daneilo Carbon or Diamond boards so it's tougher to get them in the air.

And I think the Phase 5 Trident would be too big for your group of riders.

TheSqueakyWheel 06-24-2011 9:31 AM

I rode the new v2 IS Swallow last night - TONS of fun. I'm 160 lbs. It's so fast that I bet someone 225 could ride it. Hard for me to spin, but I've never surfed a quad before.

alans 06-25-2011 8:29 AM

P5 Trident or maybe the IS Swallow Woody V2 would be a good route. Hit me up, I know where to get you one... ;)

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