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homedawg678 08-20-2011 10:40 PM

Tampa Riders
I'm going to University of Tampa so I'll be moving in this week and was wondering what the boat scene is like.

I'm definitely looking to ride everyday before school starts and during of course.

Plus I can always throw bills.


TheHebrewHammer 08-21-2011 8:50 AM

I'm going to Eckerd in St. Pete and I can tell you it's a little tougher to find a pull than you might think. I've heard UT has a wakeboarding club, so you might be better off than I am. If not, I have contacts on Lake Seminole, Lake Tarpon, and the Hillsborough river that I can set you up with for a pull or some excellent coaching. I can also recommend my local board shop. They'll take great care of you whenever you need equipment. And there's always McCormick's. Check your PM.

jaybee 08-21-2011 5:12 PM

Nick - I go right past UT when heading upriver to ride sometimes. Currently waiting on getting my boat back from the dealership but should have it in the next few weeks. Will let you know when I am going out again.

matt22gonnello 08-23-2011 2:53 PM

I goto ut also, I ride on the weekend on my nautique , and I also go to the cable. There's no club at UT , message me wen u get down there and we can ride

08-23-2011 3:03 PM

Welcome to Tampa...lots of UT hotties running around the hyde park area.

Im in Tampa, got rid of the boat, ride at cable as well but looking to pick up a nautique myself.

What water u ride on with ur nautique?

homedawg678 08-23-2011 7:19 PM

PM sent Mike. But ya i'm down to get some people together and go to McCormicks or go out on the boat.

08-25-2011 8:23 AM

Any of u guys ride weekday mornings? Id b willing to rearrange my office hours so i can board in the am since it rains every afternoon. But its prob only convenient if you live on a lake.

Trying to get my fix before I splurge and buy another boat :)

homedawg678 08-25-2011 7:15 PM

Tuesday morning would probably work the best for me because I don't have class until 1. Lemme know

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