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ess3489 03-28-2011 12:54 PM

amp suggestions
need an amp for these speakers


nothing to expensive just something to push them and sound decent. any suggestions on type or what size and channel amp i should be looking for?

hatepain 03-28-2011 1:15 PM

Alpine PDX 150.2
Arc Audio KS 300.2
Wetsounds Syn2

The not so fancy choice:
Hifonics Zxi 6010

Incidentally, I hope you didn't get those from that site. Fusion has long since gone out of business and people were getting those for $200-300 on eBay.

ess3489 03-28-2011 1:23 PM

yea i got the speakers off ebay for 150. only problem is they didnt come with clamps so im trying to track some down, if not looks like i might try drilling holes in the tower and bolting them on............ thanks for the advice ill look into those amps.

ess3489 03-29-2011 1:03 PM

would this amp work just for the begging of the summer untill i have the extra cash to upgrade? i took it out of a truck i bought so its free, but will it work with those speakers?


hatepain 03-29-2011 1:32 PM

It'll do alright, just bridge the channels so that you can get 120 watts to them. Looks like the RMS on the speakers is 200 so you'll be leaving them a little short.

timmyb 03-29-2011 2:57 PM

Do yourself a favor and don't under power them, you will never be happy and you will have wasted your money on an amp that you will never get your money back out of. Other amps to consider: kicker zx450.2, kicker ix500.2 or ix500.4 bridged into 2 channel, or kicker zx350.4 bridged. As an example, I have a kicker zx200.2 running WS Pro 60's and it just doesn't do it, I have never been blown away with the sound but I got the whole package for free so I can't complain too much. I am in the process of getting a new amp, just haven't ordered it yet.

hatepain 03-29-2011 3:30 PM

Grossly under poweing HLCD's and slightly underpowering conventional speakers are a bit different. HLCD's are power hungry and require a lot just to get them to come alive. You have 70 wats going to you WS's which at a minimun should have 150 watts to them. I'm not disagreeing with you but there is a bit of a difference.

skyski1 03-29-2011 4:32 PM

eric......I have the same speakers. You will not be dissappointed with the sound quality if you power them with one of the amps hate n pain suggested. They are not much at 80 ft, but for surfing or listening in the boat they are impressive and are worthy of some quality watts.

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