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ahuser22 07-22-2003 9:31 AM

I was just wondering how to go W2W on a skate? Is it the same idea as a wakeboard, or do you have ollie when you hit the wake? I am completely lost so if someone has any websites I could go to or if someone just has some advice please post it. Thanks a lot. <BR> <BR>Aaron

warlock00 07-22-2003 10:39 AM

go down to the w2w and shuv it help, how do i, or getting air threads they all have a lot of good info on jumping w2w. that will be easier than posting it all again. But here are the basics. <BR> <BR>cut hard <BR>ollie at the top of the wake(dont stand tall like wakeboarding) <BR>suck your front leg up, then your back leg <BR>start pushing your legs down at the top of your jump. <BR>stick the landing...or at least try to it will take some time. <BR>

ahuser22 07-22-2003 10:40 AM

Thanks Jason, I will definitely check out the previously posted threads. Peace <BR> <BR>Aaron

wakeguru 07-22-2003 10:44 AM

You want to ollie. You don't have to, but for starters it will help. <BR> <BR>Like skating it's all in the legs. Front foot pressure and back foot pressure. <BR>When doing wake to wakes the key is to lift your front foot up and bring your legs up to your body somewhat. By lifting your front foot and legs (front foot first) you will allow the board to rise off the wake and stay underneath you while in the air. From there its all about just staying in position and sticking the landing. <BR>

wakeguru 07-22-2003 10:46 AM

ha ha - I didn't see your post Jason. <BR>You're on it. <BR> <BR>Jason, I just saw you're profile. We had an 86' Nauti when I was growing up in Lake Mary in the same color scheme as your ride. Good boats for sure. <BR>You've been skating religiously lately - got any pics? <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakeguru on July 22, 2003)

warlock00 07-22-2003 1:11 PM

wakeguru yeah I really like the boat just does not have much room for a bunch of ppl. But thats cool more riding time for me right...I have basically hung up the wakeboard for the skate these days..I just have so much fun on it. I do have some pics I will post them as soon as I get them off the camera, and I got my ollie body varial on video so I will try and post it soon, and I will try to get my shuvit on vid also to post. Working on 1 wake 180s now...You? <BR> <BR>no problem Aaron...anytime, goodluck with it. If you have a place to get Snap it really helped me out on some body position, which foot to jump off of, and stuff like that.

wakeguru 07-22-2003 2:12 PM

I know a lot of guys here in FL and that's all they ride is the skate. <BR>I divide my time, but am hooked for sure.

forum25 07-27-2003 7:52 AM

I finally landed my w2w...i've taken a lil bit of a beating but finally i landed one. It all happened so fast but when i was riding away i was liek WHOA i just landed one!

warlock00 07-28-2003 7:56 AM

isn't it a good feeling when you stomp that first one...problem is on our boat the rule is gotta land 2 in a day before you can claim it...that makes it tuff. Good job Tim.

lukem 07-30-2003 6:11 PM

it took me some time to start landing w2w which i dont know why, cause i use to skate alot. but now i can land toe and heelside really consistantly. starting w2w 180's i land everytime on my board but i fall back, i dont know what i am doing wrong,

paco 08-01-2003 4:25 PM

the "gotta land two in a day before you can claim" the trick is great : will definetly put that into our rule book : piece :: paco

thinair 08-02-2003 5:31 AM

Luke- you gotta get all you're weight over your toes on the landing. It helped me to grab mute with my arm in front of my front leg. Also you have to get the handle behind you're hip on the landing. <BR>I think the gotta land 2 rule is pretty standard, we use that in our boats too.

warlock00 08-04-2003 7:41 AM

the way we look at it is anybody can get lucky and do it once...but if you can do it twice it's yours. Most of the time if somebody puts a leg on a trick we will not let them back in until they pull it again...

lukem 08-04-2003 3:48 PM

thanks foammesh, i think i have been holding the handle out when i land

lukem 08-04-2003 3:49 PM

thanks foammesh, i think i have been holding the handle out when i land.. i am going to go watch snap now and learn some more. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

forum25 08-17-2003 2:07 PM

hey jason, i landed the w2w twice today...fist time back on the water in 3 weeks...i had nobody to drive the boat and i finally get out on the water and i pull them back to back. now its time top start trying some new tricks!

warlock00 08-18-2003 7:25 AM

sweet Tim...congrats. I finally pulled a solid W2W grab yesterday(twice). I had pulled a few slap grabs, but finally got a good hand full.

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