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alanp 08-23-2011 2:40 AM

where to stay in london
gonna be in london for a couple days before octoberfest and need some ideas as to where to stay. and im not really looking for hotel ideas as much as i am which neighborhood(ill probably be staying in a hostel) id like to be near the city airport to make departure easy.

irishrider92 08-23-2011 7:05 AM

Which airport are you flying into? Probably want to avoid the areas affected by the riots

Check this out too: http://www.couchsurfing.org/index.html

aarond0083 08-23-2011 7:55 AM

I've stayed in both Paddington and Kensington. Be a few blocks away from a tube stop and your golden. Especially if it's the yellow, green or brown lines. I flew into Heathrow both times to save $ and it's outside the city a ways. A 30 min air train ride fixes that. If your flying into Gatwick I believe there is a tube stop right at the airport.

London is one of my favorite 'big cities' to visit in the world. Have fun.

alanp 08-23-2011 8:09 AM

flying into heathrow and flying out of the city airport. looking for a neighborhood close to the city airport that has good nightlife.

aarond0083 08-23-2011 8:15 AM

IME, London all but shuts down at night unless you are in Piccadilly, Oxford, etc. area. There are good pubs all over the place and the tube makes anywhere in central London convenient if your flying out of Gatwick. I've never stayed in a hostel though so I am not sure what is in those area as far as hostels go. Hotels in center London are very pricey as well.

jaybee 08-23-2011 11:24 AM

Man, can someone tell me when the flight costs to London went up so much. Granted the last time I went was in 98, my flight from JFK to Heathrow was $200. Looked at flights yesterday and they are $780 from Tampa (where I live now) and if I was still up north it would be almost $900 roundtrip from JFK.

aarond0083 08-23-2011 12:32 PM

My last trip was in Dec 2007 and tickets from Raleigh, NC were around $500. Went through JFK.

Michael 08-23-2011 3:52 PM

Im with Aaron, I have been to london a ton, the only nightlife you might find is going to be in Piccadilly,and oxford.

Where in Munich are you staying?

Flights everywere are extremely expensive The last few years they have really started to rise, and they are cutting back on everything else (ex. paying to check on bags)

alanp 08-24-2011 12:42 AM

ok then maybe we wont be too concerned with nightlife.

@mike im staying at a hostel just down the street from the main train terminal, near the wombats hostel if youre familiar with that

Michael 08-24-2011 9:59 AM

Yeah, I just stopped by Wombats 3 weeks ago with some friends, Cheap drinks and they are open late. I know which hastel you are at. Sounds like you are going to have way to much fun. I almost was there for a meeting during that week but things didnt work out.

jtnz 08-28-2011 10:07 PM

There is a cable park not that far from Heathrow airport as well.

It's about 5 miles from my grandfathers house, and his place is within a 20 minute drive of Heathrow.


It's probably around an hour on the train from Waterloo station which is in central London, most tubes link up there.

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