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RPM_DLX 11-16-2015 9:07 AM

Wakesurf board rack options
I currently have a 2005 Sanger V215 with a pro-flight tower. It came to me with 2 standard Sanger dual wakeboard racks. I am looking to get a surf board this winter for next season but I will also need a rack for it. Ideally I want to be able to carry two boards. I was considering a single surf rack on each side mounted to the upper side cross bar. I have seen the over the tower dakine surf racks being sold on here but it looks like those would interfere with the wakeboard rope while wakeboarding. Anyone have any recommendations? Trying to remain inexpensive. I've attached a few pics to see what is currently there



wakereviews 11-16-2015 9:49 AM

I have a Samson Double Surf rack on clearance - you would need a new clamp but I would be willing to get it for you at cost.

RPM_DLX 11-16-2015 11:17 AM

I'm interested in that rack, but what does the clamp cost?

wakereviews 11-16-2015 2:54 PM

50.00, i'd sell it to you for 150 so you'd be in it for 200.

xstarrider 11-16-2015 8:33 PM

I have two of the Bullet lines wakeboard /Wakesurf quick release combos. Can't go wrong with simplicity. I love the quick release detach for ease of towing and keeping the racks clean. They stay locked in place no matter how rough it is. Also makes storage easy if you have to fold the tower.


sprocketeer 11-17-2015 7:30 AM

You can take your bimini down to the local canvas/awning store and get some pockets sewn into it . I have even seen people use bungee cargo nets to hold surfboards to their bimini too. It seems to work well.

wakechango 12-17-2015 11:27 AM

Here is my set up same tower. They are overhead surf racks. Easy install and easy to reach. I have had several people tell me they like my setup. I also found it does bang the side of the boards like the side racks do. You can find them over at Agenda Surf website.http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/12...71cb9a079a.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/12...59ab13c92f.jpg

wakechango 12-17-2015 11:28 AM

Sorry does not bang the side of the boards.

beg4wake 12-17-2015 1:24 PM

Go on ebay....you can find cheaper versions on there. Just search for "wakeboard tower rack". I've seen them as low as $90 on there. And I'm sure they'll work fine for what you want. Most of them are made so that you can pretty much turn the mount do any degree to work on any boat. You'll just need to double check and make sure it will work with the width of the bar on your tower. Also, keep in mind you will need a surf specific rack if you get a surf style board. However, I've found that most skim style boards work better in a wakeboard rack, not a wakesurf rack. Here's a quick link to an ebay auction for an example...if the link works...


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