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cbixby 10-18-2009 4:59 PM

For all of you that thought it was "too cold" out and opted not to attend the final week of cable riding at the best cable wakeboarding spot on the planet earth (Kansas City Watersports)... I just wanted to let you know that you missed OUT!! <BR> <BR>I am not real sure of everything that went on as it went by so fast and I was a bit blurry, but I am pretty sure I remember all of the the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders were out there wearing things they shouldn't have due to the weather... I also think I remember some hot tub scene with Farve and some of those cheerleaders (yes there was a hot tub)... the bikini wakeboard comp was off the CHARTS, and best of all was having the opportunity to hit up the best sport ever one last time before we pull our snowboards out!! <BR> <BR>Thanks again Mike!!! <BR>See you NEXT YEAR!

dwspring 10-19-2009 7:14 AM

Pics or it didn't happen. Ha! Glad to hear you guys had a blast and I wish I could have made it. <BR>See you all next spring!

dirwoody 10-19-2009 8:42 AM

CHANCE! - You gotta let me know when things like this are going down! We were winterizing and getting some other stuff done to the boat this weekend <BR>We still need to shred behind the boat before it gets too cold!

cbixby 10-20-2009 6:20 AM

This event actually snuck up on a lot of us... it was last minute (Fri) and Mike opened up the cable for a Fritz Birthday Jam! <BR> <BR>Sorry Bro!! <BR> <BR>This may be the last shred-able weekend for us too... we are still watching the weather closely. <BR> <BR>However, snowboard season is right around the corner!! <BR> <BR>Get a hold of me man! <BR> <BR>C ~

wakeboardingzach 10-20-2009 6:34 AM

Snowboarding has already started! I got to ride at A basin on thursday and friday. Loveland was also open but i herd that A basin had a better park.

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