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07-25-2001 3:02 PM

i just started wakeboarding awhile ago and i can do 180's and 360's and stuff and i want to get into bigger tricks but no matter how hard i try i can't clear both wakes i don't know if i need more air or speed or what and i think my rope is abut the right lenghth i've read how to approach the wake and stuff but i just can get the air or distance

07-25-2001 3:30 PM

wow, doing 180's and 360's before you can clear the wake? don't complain buddy. <BR> <BR>to get horizontal distance i'm going to say you need more speed going in. do you just go straight up and land in the middle now? if you are getting a lot of height, it shouldn't be hard to clear both by slightly changing your cut. unless you just have an unbelievably wide wake.

I think that makes it around 55 ft 07-25-2001 3:34 PM

Dude, <BR>If you are pullin 3's already but cant clear both wakes it sounds like you are trying to run before you walk. Play with your rope length. I usually pull my rope 2 sections in( I think that makes it around 55 ft) Then try to find a consistent speed that feels good to you. I board at 19-20mph(unless my wife id driving then it is anywere from 16-24mph) Any way I have found that it is not the speed so much as it is the approach. Really load the line and try to hit the wake perpindicular. The first few times you might cut through the wake but dont get discouraged, It is all timing.Good luck

and regular and goofy! 07-25-2001 3:53 PM

I have been able to do 180's no problem as well: both heel and toe (and regular and goofy!), but I can't cross both wakes yet. What I found helped me gain an extra foot or two of distance is to not look down. I was always looking for my landing spot (and promptly coming up short). Now I look beyond where I want to land (sometimes I even look at the shore), and it's helped. I always seem to come up about 2 feet short of the other wake. Makes for a really hard landing (plus that extra bounce as you re-launch off of the other wake) <BR> <BR>Trash

normal foot, heelside 07-26-2001 1:44 AM

I think it's pretty unusual to do a 360 but not be able to clear both wakes, but doing 180's before you are able to clear both wakes is pretty standard in my experience. Most of my posse is in that spot right now, and that is also how I progressed. I was doing hs and ts one wake 180's fakie and normal before I could get both wakes on a jump. <BR> <BR>[Just landed my first 2 wake 180 (normal foot, heelside), my first toeside 2wake jump and my first fakie heelside 2wake jump today! A good day! yeah!] <BR> <BR>Thing is, it only takes a couple inches of air to do a one wake 180 if your timing is right. <BR> <BR>I just keep working on the basics everyone chants on this board like a mantra: Progressive edge, stand tall, handle low and close". My jumps slowly but steadily get bigger and more consistant. <BR> <BR>Go big or go small, but go often! <BR>Good luck, <BR>Gary

07-26-2001 1:32 PM

Chris, <BR> <BR> My bros that I ride with are in the same boat Ive been trying to give them advice and the most common problim I've found is that when poping off the top of the wake they suck thier legs up and take all of thier height away. load the rope and ride up the wake and let the board and your body come off the wake so that it throws you body up and dont wory about the board the bindings do that job. <BR> <BR>fireguy... I feel your pain my wife has speed issues also.

07-28-2001 1:34 PM

I have the same problem. I can do the spins but how in the world do you stand tall without losing your edge? I try to stand tall and I only flatten out. And if I hit the wake with more speed i only get like a foot of air but a lot of distance. How do you change this?

07-31-2001 6:52 PM

Breem, when you stand tall, try having some rearward lean so you can still maintain your acceleration through the wake.

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