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Andy_Elliott 08-09-2011 8:15 PM

New Hampshire in Fall
Hey guys im a returning student at UNH this fall and really wanna keep wakeboarding once im up there where i wont have a boat. so if anyone in NH has a boat and a lake and likes receiving gas money and needs a good driver please let me know. i wont be there until August 29th im just posting this early so hopefully more people can see it. thanks guys!

Andy_Elliott 08-18-2011 6:09 PM

bump! cmon NH peeps!!! im begging you haha

liquidforcefan 08-18-2011 9:31 PM

Andy, we have big crew that rides up at Lake Winnipesaukee behind a weighted out LSV, 603-728-8055, we'll be riding on weekends late into fall probably. We also run a website dedicated to New England Wakeboarding, www.thenewshred.com

wakeitnofakeit 09-22-2011 3:21 PM

Hello Andy,
I should be bringing my boat back from the lake in the next couple of weeks. Once it is here I will be taking some fall sets at kingston Lake. You are welcomed to join us.

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