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pottsy 05-29-2007 9:07 PM

So ive been boarding for a year and a half now and I have gotten a lot of tricks down but I just have never consistently gotten wake to wake. I always feel like I am edging through the wake and edging hard enough, but i usually only get about 3 quarters of the way through. I was wondering if its safe to blame it on riding without a tower or if I am just not doing something right. I just feel that consistently going wake to wake will open a whole new bag of tricks so any advice is great. Thanks

westsidarider 05-29-2007 9:12 PM

sorry to say but its deffinately your technique. i learned all the basics and my first invert(scarecrow) without a tower or a pole and no weight on a private lake that was only 4 feet deep so the wake was absolutely the smallest possible. i would recomend finding a local pro or outlaw rider and pay them for a day of lessons. youll be surprised how much you can bennifit

denverd1 05-29-2007 9:30 PM

you've never seen restrospect. the big wakes we ride today are like a crutch almost. most cats don't have the fundamentals down. *myself included. but big wakes are fun as hell!! <BR> <BR>BTW can't you get a pole for a couple hundie?

jixxxer 05-30-2007 8:42 AM

I agree with jason, get a pro or go to a school. Thats what I did and since then i have gotten w2w with every jump as before i could only get 3/4 or so and was inconsistent. It really pays off.

neller0414 05-30-2007 8:58 AM

yah i learned my first invert (backroll) behind my 17 foot boat connected to the eye hook no weight other than 2 people. w2w was never an issue, granted i had been wakeboarding behind jetskis and other regular i/o boats for about 8 years before i landed my first invert, but w2w should be no prob. a wakeboard boat is a lot easier, but i almost think i benefitted from learning on a small wake because i think im relatively fundamentally solid now behind my launch. big air universal pylons are $310 shipped brand new, google it. <BR> <BR>ride with local people on the lake that look somewhat good, you dont even have to pay...or ask someone if you can tag along if u know of some good people that have a good boat, see what its like and learn from them, i mean i take people i dont know all the time i love promoting our sport. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by neller0414 on May 30, 2007)

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