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jaubrey 04-18-2005 9:46 PM

Hey we just got a new pad on tablerock lake and will being making the journey up there quite a bit this summer. Im a college student and am bringing a lot of friends up for memorial weekend adn was wondering where the hotspots are for having some fun after boarding. Thanks for the advice. (Im located just outside shell knob)

loren 04-19-2005 12:55 AM

I would say to road trip it up to Lake of the Ozarks and hit up party cove. If it's a warm weekend, you'll want to do it at least once...good times.

smackus 04-19-2005 5:23 AM

There really is no "Hotspot". The whole lake is really nice. Depends on what end of the lake you are. The cliffes are south of the dam. That area south into Arkansas is nice. The more popular areas are Kimberling City and Indian Point. The whole lake is nice, you can find a quiet spot anywhere. We board and the north end of Big Indian Creek (Indian Point). THe marina has a board shop and a cafe on the water. Hope this helps. Email with particular questions. P.S. The only thing lake of the Ozarks has going for it over Table Rock is party cove.

psudy 04-19-2005 7:34 AM

TRL has a party "cove" it is more of a bluff. On big weekends, it can be pretty fun. It is up the cape fair section off the main lake. about a mile or so. You will see it on the left hand side. On Memorial, the 4th, and laborday there are usually a couple of thousand people. HTH

psudy 04-19-2005 7:36 AM

Forgot to mention that from SK, it is about 30 minutes up the main lake until you take the turn north. Kimberling City is fun at night. Go to Ahoys, or the Bearded Clam.

kstateskier 04-19-2005 8:50 AM

I've heard that you can find some good local parties as well if you become a 'local'. <BR> <BR>The bluffs on the Cape Fair arm is definately as close as it gets to Party Cove. I lived at LOTO, stay away from that place. If you want to see naked 40 year old wives of big gold chain wearing guys, go there.

psudy 04-19-2005 9:05 AM

I lived in Shell Knob for a summer. Be careful if you go to "local" parties. You get a lot of "you lookin at my girl" then next thing you know, you are beating up hillbillies.

dtb 04-19-2005 10:09 AM

table rock is much better for riding, but nothing beats the party at LOTO. nick, sounds like you tied up next to the wrong boat.

ferrarispider95 04-19-2005 10:46 AM

Actually the best place to ride on the weekend is Bull Shoals, it has a lot of calm spots and it does not get busy at all. It is just east of table rock on the other side of Branson, not too far at all. <BR> <BR>Table Rock is good all week and in the early mornings of sat. and late on sunday when everyone is going home. <BR> <BR>I have lived my summers in branson for about 10 years. Also I have been wanting to go on Taneycomo, you would need to wait until the dog days of the summer because the water is cold, but you would have endless glass. The only thing that worries me is swamping a little fishing boat.

tarbabi 04-19-2005 11:29 AM

I would recommend Shell Knob. If there is ever more than one boat in your area there is always butter around the next bend. We have always stayed at Kings Harbor which is not that nice, but we go for the water.

bgame 04-19-2005 3:03 PM

Jared, I have a house in Shell Knob too, and There is no real party spots, but there are a couple small bars and you might be able to make them fun, good luck!! The water is always butter so you have the good with the bad??

bbeach 04-19-2005 3:12 PM

There's always a party at Table Rock... A party on the Rock is what you make it!!! I've heard there are some fun bars in Eureka about 45 minutes away... <BR> <BR>My parents place is in Kimberling City. Good times down that way! My friends live in Shell Knob and I find it harder to get good water down that way on the 3 busy weekends due to the lake being more narrow. <BR> <BR>Beaver and Bull Shoals are money as well!

jaubrey 04-19-2005 7:51 PM

Thanks guys, that sounds good. I am pretty close to kimberning city by boat and it wouldnt be that long of a ride, I just explore and maybe see some of you all out there. Look for me and a bunch of people in a black x30.

ronix144 05-25-2010 12:48 PM

I'm outside of Shell Knob closer to Golden but not to far off. There is a decent party spot on the water between Shell Knob and Eagle rock somewhere around mile marker 25 if your not looking to drive all the way to the Bluffs. It's a bitch to find though. I havent been back down yet this year to rerun it to give you directions but if i see you on the water over memorial I will hit you up. Maybe some of the people on here know what im talking about and can give you better directions.

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