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Chuch 04-19-2010 1:56 PM

Board for BIG guy?
Hey guys,
My entire crew wakeboards, but I have an uncle who is the coolest guy ever...that just cant. He's standard big dude...probably 350# or so. Considering trying to find him a kneeboard to try out. I figured someone would make a "bubba" type board, but cant locate anything. Nor do I see any weight recommendations on these things. Anybody got any ideas for me. I'd love to get him on the water enjoying something other than a tube.

tuneman 05-07-2010 1:48 PM

They really don't make kneeboards for guys that size. Usually, it's the strap that won't fit around the legs.

I would recommend getting him a big wakesurfing board, like an Inland Surfer Red Woody, and take him wakesurfing.

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