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xstarrider 09-15-2010 4:55 PM

2010 Mana143/139
Well unfortunately my local shops decided not to o rder any 2010 Mana's this season. That's a whole nother subject however. So looking for some input on this board as it was re-designed for 2010.

I was able to ride the 08-09 and it was just too slow for me. I am on the 09 Bill and just took nasty digger and ripped the inserts out. So am needing a new deck. The board is out of warranty which kind of sucks. I have not ridden the 2010 One but did ride every Ronix board in the line for 09 before choosing the Bill. I liked it's smooth feel on the water and consistancy off the wake. The Bill did lack some of the boot compared to the One and the Mana but its speed and smoothness on the water made up for that. The Viva was a little loose for my liking if you "weren't on it" with the new edge pattern and I don't think I charge hard enough and stay in the correct body position to get the older 09 and previous years One to work for me. So that is why I am leaning towards the Mana. Was reading some reviews and it looks like the design change and the fact that it got quite a bit faster would be right up my alley as I like a quicker riding board with nice straight up pop for wake to wake stuff.

Just looking for some input as dmoing is out of the question unless you guys know some online shops that will let me take it for a spin and exchange for something else if it ends up not being my style.


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