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foobysmacker 08-11-2003 12:37 PM

My sanger v210's fuel gauge seems to stay pegged around "F" on the fuel gauge for the longest time. Next thing I know I look at it and I'm damn near "E". I filled up from there and put about 25 gallons in the tank. I estimate the next run out I burned through maybe 8-10 gallons but the gauge still reads around full. <BR> <BR>Also, the gauge doesn't read anything at all until I start the motor. i.e. I turn the key to the ON position and I get readings for volts, temp, etc. but the fuel gauge does nothing. Start the boat and the gauge comes to life. <BR> <BR>Are either of these things normal? I think I have a pretty good feel for what I burn in gas per day and since I gas up every time I go out it's not that big of a deal but I figure it would be nice to have someone look at it if I thought it was malfunctioning. <BR> <BR>

typhoon 08-11-2003 2:17 PM

it stays on full till the actual tank is somewhere around the half to 3/4 mark. than it is accurate after that...

onealrep 08-11-2003 4:04 PM

When I'm moving, mine almost always will read full. When I'm idling (picking up a rider, etc.), it shows the true reading. Like Ty says, it will read Full till you get below 3/4 or so. <BR> <BR>I've filled up a few times after it was reading 1/2, and I took around 20 gallons, that's about as accurate as a boat gas gauge gets.

pimp131 08-12-2003 6:57 AM

mins is about a 1/4 tank off all the time, and sometimes we get to the dock and unload the boat and the engine stales from no fuel heh, how can i go aboutfixing that?

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