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pete82 02-21-2004 4:54 PM

Hi, <BR>i live in Norway and because of limited selection here i will be ordering from the Us. Are there any sites/shops I should stay away from or any that you can recommend? Looking for fins, vest and handle. <BR>Any help appreciated.

banks 02-21-2004 7:27 PM

buywake is pretty good they are from near me and they will answer questions pretty well.

walt 02-21-2004 7:43 PM

If they advertise on Wakeworld.com they can be trusted !

tpanoz 02-22-2004 11:13 AM

I've delt with Buywake many times! Awesome service, great people, fast shipping and very trustworthy. I wouldnt go through anyone else.. Hey and they even give ya free stickers! haha nothin's better than that

tikki83 02-22-2004 2:04 PM

Buywake may be good if you live in the States and the shipping cost is insignificant. If you live in Europe, Buywake.com is the shop with their shipping cost most expensive. It´s ridiculous, if you don´t believe me, send them a email asking for the shipping costs...I cant understand how a shop in the US can send you a pair of bindings for only $30 of shipping and another shop in the US asks you $100 for shipping the same pair of bindings... <BR>For really cheap shipping costs I recommend you grizzly-sports.com and wileyski.com. <BR>I dont miscredit the quality and service of buywake.com, they´re really good people and it is the most complete shop, I only reject their international shipping costs.

bill 02-22-2004 3:01 PM

most places incluing BUYwake.com have free shipping of late on 2004 wakeboards/bindings .It says on the buywake site that the NON us shipping will be discounted for 2004 setups..Most companies are doing this now.. <BR> <BR>I like grizzly-sports.com as my favorite online place as well as Scott at glassandpoweder.com he will take care of you for sure..

d_o_double_g 02-22-2004 8:42 PM

I've used <a href="http://www.wakeside.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&amp;Store_Code=W&amp;AFFI L=G2" target="_blank">Wakeside.com</a> and have had great luck with them. Their prices are competitive, they have reward point for each dollar spent, no tax, and no shipping (in the US). Buywake and Grizzly sports are also very good choices.

pete82 02-23-2004 2:53 AM

Thanks for the help, I'll have a look around.

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