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ghettodude 01-26-2004 5:04 AM

yo, which LF board do you guys think is most similar to hyperlite byerly?...don't ask me why. <BR> <BR>yo

melvinator 01-26-2004 6:28 AM

Based ONLY on the LF boards I have ridden I would say the subjekt is similar. It is a little looser to me. The subjekt feels like my 03 byerly without fins.

ghettodude 01-26-2004 6:46 AM

ok thanks for the answer. what about substance? isn't it pretty similar too? <BR> <BR>yo

aaronlee13 01-26-2004 7:13 AM

I use to ride the 01 byerly HC and i thought the Trip was simialr to that...

maverick_gear 01-26-2004 10:52 AM

the substance is like an ERA or Ricky G. a trip is a SMALL continious rocker its nothing like a byerly, a byerly has a large 3tage rocker, a notch down from a parks similar to a randy harris or GB Caddy 135. i don't think LF makes a board that is really that much like a byerly.

melvinator 01-26-2004 11:33 AM

I drove the boat at a LF demo and we had a substance in the boat that a few of my friends tried, I will ask them what they thought. They have ridden trips, byerlys, era(primer) and subject

dococ 01-26-2004 7:32 PM

I agree with Matthew. I am pretty stuck on Byerly boards for many years. No long ago I tried a friend's Subject and it felt pretty good, a board I could work with and would like to try again. The Byerly and the Subject are more similar than the Premier. And the Trip is totally different.

dococ 01-26-2004 7:34 PM

Doh! <BR>Subjekt <BR> <BR>Good thing I'm not soliciting for investment capital.

melvinator 01-28-2004 1:48 PM

Sorry I have not got back to you jdude. I am a teacher and the people who rode the substance are students and we have had 2 snowdays in a row up here in Michigan so I have not been able to talk to them. Hopefully tomorrow. As for the trip, I have a 138 that I use for a boat board, it tracks like a waterski, very fast and is hard to break loose because of the 6 fins. I switched to the byerly basically because the trip landed very hard! The byerly has better pop, but the trip is easier to control off the wake. The trip was perfect on my old mastercraft wake because it was steeper, you don't get as much pop off my malibu wake. The 3-stage byerly works great off my VLX wake because the wake is more rampy. Last months WBM had a great artice on it.

melvinator 01-29-2004 7:58 AM

Just talked to the kid. He said the substance poped real nice and was an overall smooth board, tracked well landed smooth. Nothing negative to say about it. I would say demo before you buy, sorry I can't be of more help.

typhoon 01-29-2004 8:00 AM

i love my absolute but a couple of peopl i ride with swear by the balance.

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