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Holidayking 06-02-2013 8:15 AM

G23 with nss stock versus added sacs
Have any of you dialed the SURF wake in with the new Super Air Natique G23 NSS stock (Stock Ballast Full that is) versus adding additional weight? If you have added weight, how much? Do you have video or photo's comparing the two? Obviously I am looking for advice on adding additional weight to my G23, which arrived at the dealer on June 1!!!

iamcdn 06-02-2013 6:19 PM

There is a thread over at planetnautique by nyryan that has his setup with a huge wake. Enjoy.

biggator 06-03-2013 3:09 PM

Congrads on the G, Jay.. you're going to LOVE it.

Stock, with no NSS.. the wave is HUGE but short. Mine came in right before NSS was released, and I haven't had it put on yet. You can surf it dead stock with no issue - but there's not a lot of room to build up speed without feeling like you're getting too close to the boat (for me, at least). I'm going to try some weight up in the nose to see if that lengthens it a bit.. also going to demo NSS and see if it's worth having it put on.

tmill 06-03-2013 3:42 PM

Mark... PUT ON THE NSS. I have ridden both and you will be amazed. even stock the wake is amazing with the NSS and some bodies.

cwb4me 06-03-2013 3:53 PM

I surfed a new G23 and the stock wake was awesome.I can't imagine the NSS improving it much.I would assume the NSS would make it easier to go from side to side.But could possibly be used to tweak one side while weighted.

wakebrdjay 06-03-2013 4:32 PM

The wave with the NSS is way better,way more adjustable. Read the quote from Scott Culp a veteran contest wakesurfer,in this Facebook post. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f..._t=photo_reply

surfdoggy 06-04-2013 7:18 AM

I own a 2009 Malibu 247 with a surf wake that I love, so take this review with that in mind.

Rode behind the G23 twice with no NSS and stock ballast. The wake was plenty tall, and had lots of push, but it was generally much steeper than most wakes and did not have a very long pocket. We played with the ballast a little, but the wake didn't change that much. I am sure with more time, we could have gotten it dialed in more. Overall, it was a very good wake for nothing beyond stock ballast. Considerably better than my Malibu with only stock ballast.

Have a friend who has since purchased a G23 with NSS. With just stock ballast and NSS, the wake is, in my opinion, substantially better and more fun than the non NSS G23. The wake is the same height, but is less steep, has a better transition, more push, and is considerably longer. It is also very adjustable on the fly. This wake with only stock ballast is better than my friends old SAN 230, leaned, with an extra 750 in the back, and lots of people sitting on the surf side.

We are just starting to add weight to the G23 with NSS. Put two 250's in the back last weekend, and the wake definitely improved (got taller and meatier). Maybe 75-85% of what I get with my Malibu slammed and leaned with an extra 2300 lbs (compared to the 500 pounds he was adding). Definitely a good, fun, tall wake, with not much weight over stock. Looking forward to trying it with 750's, although I suspect we will have to also add weight to the nose at that point. Do think that the extra weight made the exhaust issue worse, and he is looking into FAE/downturns.

My overall conclusion is that if you want a boat with a good surf wake without having to add much if any ballast beyond stock, the G23 with NSS won't disappoint.

biggator 06-04-2013 7:31 AM

Damn.. this may be an expensive summer for me.

kimper 06-04-2013 8:32 AM


We need pictures of that boat!!!!

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