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grant_west 01-14-2013 8:46 PM

Depth Gauge
The depth finder (teleflex) in my boat seems to be broken it's reading wrong for what ever reason not sure if the gauge Is messed up or if the sounder is messed up but either way I guess I'm looking at getting a new unit. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a new unit. Do they have depth and water temp gauge all in one? Here is a pic of what I'm working with the depth is the far left side.

wakebrdjay 01-14-2013 10:23 PM

Faria has a depth/water temp gauge.It's a 2" gauge I believe.Your picture didn't upload so don't know what size you have now,but I don't think it matters to you.I'm sure you have the skills to fab. something to make it work for you.

mikeski 01-14-2013 11:13 PM

the depth gauge on my 1995 was a teleflex and it misread depth most of the time. I installed the Faria on my 2005, it has the oil bath ring. I have not touched it in 6 years and it works perfectly. It does not have temperature but you can get that from the perfect pass anyway. To get temperature from the depth gauge you will need to drill another hole in the boat. What the heck, you are a pro at that so why not...

ian_ashton 01-15-2013 3:08 AM

I have a Lowrance LST-3800 with chrome bezel. In my opinion it's the best looking/closest to OEM, and also does temperature.

Is is the gauge in the far right;

williamburell 01-15-2013 6:35 AM

I was using the faria


they have both the in hull and the transom mount. Now there is a thru hull you can get for this model for like 50 bucks online to do the temp if you don't have it on your pp. The thru hull fits the same size hole as the PP. My plan was to take out the paddle wheel, upgrade to stargazer, and put the thru hull faria in. I got a new depth for xmas and scrapped the old one. If you want just the gauge hit me up and you can buy the transducer online for 50 bucks. You'll have to splice in new power wiring since I just clipped it and spiced in for the new one but its free.

grant_west 01-15-2013 7:32 AM

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Here is a pic of the dash the depth is far left and the temp is far right . The depth sounder is mounted in the hull in the motor box area. And Yes my perfict pass has a temp feature but I don't want to have to push the 2 buttons Everytime I want to see water/air temp. That gauge has gone whacko also so if I was to get a new Air and Water separate gauge that would. Fill a void in the dash

grant_west 01-15-2013 7:47 AM

William; I tryed to PM you about your Faria but it wouldn't go threw. Email me at grantwest@gmail.com thanks

williamburell 01-16-2013 2:02 PM

No clue why it wouldn't go through but shot you an email

ian_ashton 01-19-2013 1:16 PM


Originally Posted by grant_west (Post 1802112)
William; I tryed to PM you about your Faria but it wouldn't go threw. Email me at grantwest@gmail.com thanks

I tried to PM you about LEDs but you didn't respond, so I'm guessing it also didn't go through? lol

williamburell 01-19-2013 2:09 PM

grant dropped it off today. Counter girl said should be there wed

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