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overwaters 06-23-2004 5:36 PM

i realize this isnt the wright post to ask this question on but anyways . i have a skichanlenger that puts up a nice wake but im riding with a high fly and i just learned railys the other day and when i cut in as hard as i have to it gives and i loose some of my timing. so im trying to talk my dad into geting a tower. what is the cheapest kind besides a monkey bar. a tower thats good but not as expensive as the ones on x stars and wakeseters . just a good long lasting solid one. and my sound system blows when u take off the v8 roars and u cant hear the tunes so i nead to know if i need new speakers or an amp to push it thanks plz help me with this one cuz i want to get out there on that tower asap.

06-24-2004 12:13 AM

Hey, I have the exact same boat, and I put on a joystick. It will prob. run you about $1100. As far as the sound system goes mine sucks as well. I just went on ebay and got a cd player and a pair of 6.5's for $150. I also know a guy who makes custom tower speakers for about $200. I should be installing the 6.5's and cd player this weekend and will let you know if that makes a difference. As far as the quality of the custom tower speakers I don't know, but it seems like a hell of a deal.

cwbrider16 06-24-2004 8:28 AM

everyone seems to be happy with monster tower. For under a grand they're stong and stable, not to mention they look better than the other cheaper towers. We got ours last summer and we love it.

overwaters 06-24-2004 4:25 PM

sweet could u tell me a few sites were to look at this tower. thanks <BR> <BR>does the chalenger look saweet with a tower. what color did u put on? <BR>

06-24-2004 8:56 PM

I put on black. It looks like a wakeboard boat, even though it's a ski boat. I have a lot of people come up to me and ask me where I got it and stuff, but then again my lake's in MN, and not a lot of wakeboard boats are around my area.

06-25-2004 1:22 PM

what are some sites that we can get a look at these monster towers <BR>

cwbrider16 06-27-2004 6:22 PM

go to monstertower.com and click customer photos. It has a list of boat manufacturers with pictures of customers with a monster tower on those boats.

pittsy 07-26-2004 12:22 AM

i would say buy a monster tower

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