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501s 06-24-2012 10:20 PM

Anyone own an Aqua Lily Pad?
I was at a pro shop this week looking for a new wetsuit and they had these in the store. They look like a ton of fun. The girls said they have sold a ton and only have a few left.

Could even use them to film wakeboarding, and just hang out on. I think the kids would love it. Does anyone own one or has anyone tried one out?


psudy 06-25-2012 1:22 PM

I have not been on one, but have talked to a lot of people that have them. I have heard zero negative reviews.

wakedaveup 06-25-2012 1:47 PM

Pretty cool idea, anyone remember the floating living room that had velcro furniture and a cooler. That thing was sweeet!!

augie_09 06-25-2012 2:09 PM

Saw a bunch of thes last weekend. Good for those party cove types. something like $499 for a 4x8 piece of foam. Looks great for kids

sidekicknicholas 06-25-2012 3:23 PM

A buddy of mine in Chicago has a 30ft. or 50ft. on the back of his 26ft. Bayline... it is pretty sweet for hanging out on... it rolls out, everyone can chill/sit/lay on it and hang out, then he just rolls it up and tucks it away.

Luker 06-26-2012 12:52 PM

We sold them at the shop I used to ride at.... a few wrong jumps / drunken activities and they end up with holes... plus they are pretty heavy and awkward to carry.

Brett_B 06-26-2012 1:06 PM

It looks fun but $499 + $95 shipping for a roll of foam is insanity.

501s 06-27-2012 10:28 AM

Ya the more I think about it, $500 is a lot for a floating piece of foam. I was looking at it more for our kids (4 and 6) and their friends and not really the 'drinking" crowd, but if they are susceptible to holes, I'm not all that interested.

IFLOATS 05-19-2013 8:44 AM

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ifinallygota21v 05-19-2013 4:21 PM

Those are the same price

501s 05-20-2013 1:10 AM

Ya, I checked out their page and the prices are quite high for a piece of foam. in the pictures it doesn't even look like they float you out of the water that much.

wavePads 08-27-2013 12:07 PM

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brycejb328 08-27-2013 12:10 PM

prepare to get FLAMED for pushing your company without paying to advertise!! Tough crowd here on WW

wakereviews 08-27-2013 1:12 PM

what just happened?

99Bison 08-27-2013 2:24 PM

I've been eye'ing these up for a couple years.

I believe the "first" one offered out there and in a variety of options was http://www.thewatermat.com.

A few (20?) people on our lake have various versions, the lily pad looks seems the most popular and as it's slightly cheaper than most and available via walmart. The thickness varies - depending on how much float you want, pay for, etc.

At one point I actually researched the specific foam used and costs of whole pricing of the foam. I don't remember the exact details but it was much higher than I expected, I want to say the equivalent raw foam was at $300-$400 in semi-bulk quantities, excluding shipping, and most of them had two or more layers that are actually glued together. At at that time the retail list was about $750-1000 depending on thewatermat or lilypad. So while $500+ for foam seems like alot it's probably not all that ridiculous.

johnny_defacto 08-27-2013 11:36 PM

We have had one all summer long. My kids are 4 and 2, and we have a 5 yo, 3yo, 2yo and 1yo out with us often. Ours is 18' long by 6' wide, rolls easily and I strap it to my transom/swim step when towing or on the water. It is very light, < 40 lbs or so, but is awkward to carry by yourself long walks due to size, but it is really no big deal.

It is not meant to jump on, I have heard of adults jumping onto it and tearing it or puncturing it... but that is just stupidity on their part. Adults can walk on it and kids can walk all over it and even really close to the edges without falling in.

They are a lot of fun.

NO towing with them behind the boat, the foam will tear. Its great to have tied off of a beach, or tied to the boat when anchored out.

Its annoying when you want to go ride and have nowhere to put it. It forces you to take up your whole swim platform to store it, making getting into the boat after a set somewhat difficult.

We love ours and use it often. No rips or tears thus far, but we do not let drunks on or near our stuff and take care of ours.

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