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jayson_49 06-12-2010 6:01 PM

Sac River Riders
Anyone know the current conditions??(mainly between I5 and I80) News folks are talkin about frigid temps along with strong currents with plenty of debris? anyone been lately?? I know the wind's been howlin the past couple days but tomorrow looks good, but we may just end up at Folsom early in the morning...

hillbilly 06-12-2010 6:28 PM

It came down about 3-4 feet so the debris isn't too bad anymore !

It isn't really warm by any stretch, But I trunked it today, I'm wearing a 1/1 top tom morning though !

And yeah the current is moving more than usual but not sure if it was due to the wind ?

jayson_49 06-12-2010 8:36 PM

Thanks for the heads up Jeff! I didn't really want to travel to Folsom anyway. I'll prolly see you out there!!

06-13-2010 8:41 PM

I probably saw all you guys today as I was flying in...looked pretty windy...still better than being stuck on a plane! Hope a good time was had by all

06-13-2010 9:38 PM

Hey girl, I THOUGHT I saw you! ;) We hit the water at 8:30, and it was money for atleast two sets! Crazies were late, and it wasn't sketchy until around 11:30 or noon.

jayson_49 06-13-2010 10:02 PM

yeah we left the water at 11 when the crazies started rollin in, I thought i saw you guys out there! your system's sick Jeff! I heard it loud and clear at least a 1/2 mile away!!

hillbilly 06-13-2010 10:35 PM

All the thanks for that go to HSE and Acme tops and tunes !
I was surprised we got the water we did ?
The only really crappy times were when those 2 big boy boats rolled through !
I'm too old for 3 sets though....My arms feel like Jell-o

jayson_49 06-13-2010 10:47 PM

Yeah the water was pretty decent in the morning... Bizare Love Triangle, one of my all time fave's!!!LOL!

wakeviolater 06-14-2010 12:47 PM

its horrible out there! i would stay at folsom. :)

rivrat 06-15-2010 1:24 AM

Hahaha yeah hugh prop killing logs and lots of sharks STAY OFF THE RIVER

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