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07-06-2001 9:48 PM

I saw a video that had a quick shot of a guy doing a nose blem. It looks like a variation on the powerslide. Seems he somehow mashed the nose of his board in the water and then slide around to ride the slide out--kind of doing a backwards wheelie on the water. The middle of the trick has the nose riding in the water and tail swung around in front. <BR> <BR>Anyone know how to do this trick? Anyone have any tricks on starting it? i.e. how do you get the nose to start sliding and not diving...

07-06-2001 10:11 PM

sorry dont know how to do it but i know what ur talking baout its in my house or monkey on a string and it is one of the coolest things ive ever seen.

07-07-2001 3:43 PM

i think your referring to the nose blunt.

(whit) on Monday, July 0 07-09-2001 6:33 PM

I think you are right--it is a Nose Blunt. A Blem is probably closer to what I'm doing. :) I think I figured out how to get the nose planted--just can't stay up very long after I do. To get the nose planted it is a easy as starting the powerslide and then digging the nose in while lifting up the back of the board. I can feel the back of board start to swing around as I try to stabilize myself--that's about the time I eat it. Maybe tomorrow I'll figure it out...

that's where i keep all my wakeboarding mags.. 07-10-2001 9:15 PM

i can't remember what issue of wbm this trick is in but I can find out this weekend when I'm out at the lake (that's where i keep all my wakeboarding mags..) But I definately remember it in an old issue. They have a picture of shaun murray doing it and an explanation of how its done.. <BR> <BR>i'll try and find it for ya

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