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Houndogski 02-04-2014 5:00 PM

92 Falcon XP Should I buy with a Test Drive
OK. So I have communicated with a guy who is selling me his Ski Centurion Falcon for $6500. Seem like a really good deal. He was offering $11500 on CL then I mentioned that the Price is a bit high. He agreed and lowered the price if I can come pick it up soon. He said that he is willing to test drive it, but now he is really insisting on me picking up today or he will just keep it and sell it in a few months for $9500. He said he needs to money for taxes. (May be true don't know) The catch is,, I won't be able to test drive it. Only hear the motor run in the drive way.. What should I look for if something is wrong with the motor.. Cracked block ect. ect. or some else that might major wrong?

Here is the link

rottenland 02-04-2014 5:07 PM

Know what makes April 15th famous?

In his ad he want's an Escalade, a C5 Corvette, or a Range Rover, and now he wants half his asking price to pay his taxes?

I'd be cautious.

rexlex01 02-04-2014 5:09 PM

Ask him for his home address?
If he gives it to you right away, it might be legit?
If not, its a scam?
Also, why would an owner need to test drive his own boat? Maybe he has never driven it at all!

Houndogski 02-04-2014 5:17 PM

Rex,,, I don't know what you mean buy the owner needing to test drive his own boat but,, Yes he did say that we can run the boat in his Driveway so I would get his address...

boardman74 02-04-2014 5:35 PM

I'd leave it alone. Anytime you get something like that..today or never kind of thing theres an issue. That boat is never going to be worth $9500…period. $6500 is about what its worth, IMO. It isn't a smoking deal. Sounds like you are pretty emotionally wrapped up in it and thats a good way to get burned. Tell the guy you'd like to have it surveyed and inspected by a licensed dealer familiar with tow boats and see what he says. It sounds to me like he is rushing you in hopes you don't find what he is hiding.

Houndogski 02-04-2014 5:42 PM

RB.. Funny how you say that I am getting emotionally wrapped up in the boat. I am a little. I am excited to get a boat for the family. But better to be safe and wait vs hurry and possibly regret it with a blown engine or something.

Thanks for the replies!!

larry1167 02-04-2014 6:15 PM

RB hit the nail on the head on all accounts. There is something fishy going on. I wouldn't even consider it at this point. There is a big difference between running the engine in the driveway and a water test. There is no load on the engine while running it in the driveway and you can't put it in gear.

I like that Sanger better but I partial to Sangers. The color isn't the best though. There will be plenty of boats coming up now that we are closer to spring. No need to hurry.

MIKEnNC 02-04-2014 6:19 PM

All kinds of things that could be wrong that a basic start in the driveway wouldn't tell u. Screw that, lake test or no sale if it were me. I agree with RB and Larry

Dmac420sj 02-04-2014 6:48 PM

I like that Sanger dxll way more then that pos centurion. Plus the old school graphics!

rexlex01 02-04-2014 11:05 PM

You said the owner is willing to test drive it. Right?

phathom 02-05-2014 1:54 AM

Unless it gets dropped more, I'd pass. If your looking at that anyway for the budget you might as well get a solid SN2001 that you can lake test. I would definitely lake test it or no deal.
The engine might run good, but it could have a shot tranny, leaks in the hull, a host of other problems you can't tell in the driveway for a boat that old.

cadunkle 02-05-2014 7:43 AM

Nothing wrong with running in driveway to test. You can wet the cutlass bearing and very briefly put in forward and reverse. Yeah it could still have a slipping issue or a damper on the way out. Whoop dee doo, those are cheap and easy and also not hugely likely. If the block is cracked you should see water in oil or an external leak after running 15-20 mins while you look over everything. You'll hear misfiring or other basic engine issues, anything beyond that is more likely to be carb or ignition issues which are cheap and easy. You can see if prop is damaged, you can see play in cutlass bearings (also real cheap and easy), you can see play in rudder or feel stiff steering (little more pricey and involved). You can inspect for hull damage, delamination, stringer rot ('92 is likely wood), etc.

Water test is not a huge deal but more of a nice to have so far as I'm concerned. Use lack of water test if water is frozen or whatever as a negotiating tool to drop the price a bit. I think $6500 is a bit pricey for a small closed bow low freeboard ski boat with no PP and a cheap/fugly Monster tower. Monster reduces value IMO as to put a nice tower on you now have holes to patch and gel to match. If you're intended use is mostly slalom, then maybe it's a better deal for you personally... But for $6500 I think you can find a better towboat for wake sports.

Houndogski 02-05-2014 1:58 PM

I told the guy last night I would pass.

Thanks for the posts guys!!

rexlex01 02-05-2014 9:29 PM

I asked for his address and he never gave it to me.
Works every time for ratting out a scammer.

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