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fouroheight68 07-01-2013 1:36 PM

West Coast Heat Wave
Whats everyone doing to beat this heatwave? Launched the boat on the Delta Saturday. Tied up in Walnut Grove and had some ice cream and cold beers. Sunday we braved the crowds on the Sacramento river, did a little boarding, went to Swabbies after for some fish tacos and live music.

We set the thermostat to 80 in the house, and have been keeping our dog indoors all day. We're expected to hit 112 in Sacramento Wednesday. I've heard of people freezing their sheets and pillowcases - really? I've lived here since 2003, but I don't remember a heatwave this extreme.

slowwwflowww 07-01-2013 1:59 PM

Global warming.My parents live in las vegas 117 on Sun people being hospitalized due to heat.I"M at70 where I live feels good for now.This heat also means water levels going down too.

norcalrider 07-01-2013 3:23 PM

Cruised around the Walnut Grove area on my houseboat Saturday then ran up to Lake Oroville Sunday to hangout on my buddies houseboat and surf his new V215.

grant_west 07-01-2013 4:09 PM

I have been working on the boat in the garage the all last weekend and yes it has been hot. I guess I got used to it. We don't have the need for AC here all that much but durring these "Heat waves" I wish we did. I will put installing Ac on the winter to do list. Crappy thing about AC is once you get used to it you have a hard time doing with out. O well their is always the Beach 20 mins away to escape the heat

clubjoe 07-01-2013 10:12 PM

My weekend consisted of two jetski runs, one wakeboard trip, and I filled the gaps by floating in the shaded pool and watching old movies in a cold house.... The dogs played in the pool and crashed in the house during the day...

stepintoliquid 07-02-2013 4:55 PM

I'll speak for the entirety of the midwest area. We would like some of your heat. Ok thanks.

guido 07-07-2013 6:42 PM

In the AC business. Smiling everyday. :-)

jarrod 07-10-2013 2:45 PM

I just got back from Phoenix. If you think it's hot here, visit the state of dirt, rocks, and crackheads. It will change the way you feel about west coast heat.

buffalow 07-11-2013 9:26 AM

Evan - me too. Heat waves brings lots of broken AC units and people jamming their thermostats down to 60. Good times

Dmac420sj 07-16-2013 9:11 AM

I go to high elevations!

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