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JaxKiter 09-05-2013 1:18 PM

96 Ski or 88 2001
Hello everyone. New to the forum and recently moved to Jacksvonille, Fl. I've been kiteboarding for about 6 years now, and unfortunately the wind down here is pretty terrible so I'm looking to get my fix wakeboarding. I've been plenty of times, but nothing too serious before now. Anyway, looking to get into a cheap boat to start out. Found these two recently and just wondering what people's thoughts were on each, assuming I could get into either for around 9k. Thanks for the advice.

96 Ski Nautique:

88 Ski Nautique 2001


03suprassv 09-05-2013 1:42 PM

I'm in Jacksonville also. A guy I work with has a 98 nautique on Craigslist for 9500. Gt40 engine. No tower though and closed bow.

rexlex01 09-05-2013 1:45 PM

Offer 8k on the 1996 after approved test drive because of the motor over the 2001

03suprassv 09-05-2013 2:01 PM

Where are you located at in jax and where do you plan to ride? Check the trailer over on any boat used here. The river and creeks are brackish so the trailers look ok on the outside but rust from the inside out.

JaxKiter 09-05-2013 2:13 PM

Won't go any lower than 9 on the 96. I understand about the trailers and honestly, I'm going to be committed to getting an aluminum trailer at some point in the future no matter what. I don't understand the point in anything else regardless and I see myself using it a good deal in the Intracoastal because I live out at the beach.

wakebordr11 09-05-2013 2:54 PM

That nautique 2001 ain't worth 9700... I wouldn't pay over 8 for that boat down there...

boardman74 09-05-2013 4:07 PM

Honestly look at them neither is worth the money. Especially knowing where they were used.

03suprassv 09-05-2013 7:41 PM

I live in jax and have only used my boat in the river a handful of times. Boat is in great condition but trailer not much. 1 dip in the brackish water and its inside the trailer frame and that's all it takes. New aluminum trailers for inboards are $4000 plus. Some people go with generic trailers like a center console is on but then the boat sits really high. My friend went this cheap route and he couldn't put his boat in the water at low tide. So go ahead and figure that price in with the boat if the trailer is about to go. You may want to check for boats around palatka, interlachen, Ocala. It's about an hour away but all fresh water lakes. I am in julington creek area but we have a lake house close to Ocala. Plenty of inboards out there.

JaxKiter 09-05-2013 9:35 PM

So, concensus is to keep looking then I take it? Any advice?

machloosy 09-06-2013 7:04 AM

Keep looking. There are better options at the 10K price point in my opinion. You may struggle to find one with an Aluminum trailer though.

I like this pick for closer to you:

boardman74 09-06-2013 7:14 AM

That one is the newest and the cheapest. Plus it has open bow, which is a must have if you need the space. Not sure how the wake is on those older ones. Nice that it has a tower too, that adds some value.

machloosy 09-06-2013 7:16 AM

One other much better option:

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