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boarder1995 07-21-2013 8:43 PM

Small wakes, Shred Stixx, IS Squirt, Soulcraft, iDOL?
Looking at upgrading from a traditional surfboard (9') to something wake specific. Boards I'm currently looking at are:
Shred Stixx (per Stixx suggestion) Ringer or Semi Pro
Inland Surfer Squirt
Soulcraft (which board, what length?)
iDOL surfboards (again, which board, what length?)

What would you suggest for me with the following criteria:
5'9", 165 lb, regular footing/stance.
Family and friends are all taller and heavier up to 200+, so if they could also ride my board, that'd be great, but not a requirement.
Direct drive 2000 Pro Air Nautique boat w/ smallish/medium wakes, one fat sac, and stock ballast.
I've boarded without rope with a traditional long surf board (9' Harbor board).
I've boarded without rope with a Hyperlite Broadcast 4'8" but that was difficult, hence I returned the board, thinking perhaps a 5'4" would be better, but now am looking at many other options.
I'd like an easy to ride board that cruises easy in my smallish wakes without a rope, but that I can progress on and learn to slash, etc.. We live on a lake and board right near our dock, so board will either be getting used or safely stored in equipment shed, so durability isn't as high a priority necessarily. I've sent this basic inquiry to each of the custom board shapers as well for feedback. What's y'alls experience?
Thanks much,

Chaos 07-22-2013 8:29 AM

Well, that Stixx rec did not come from me. The Ringer would be a good board for you if you are looking to advance your riding into 360s, tail slides, ollies and airs. It will just cruise along if that is what you want, but is more suited to carves and turns. As are all custom boards basically.

The custom board market is a performance oriented market.

You do not need a longer board or a bigger board. You will quickly outgrow it. At your weight and height they will have far too much volume.
Look at boards in the 4'8" range to as short as 4'4", depending on width and many factors, but mostly rocker (or curvature of the board).

Look online at Cal Marine Sports, and talk to Mitch. He is a great resource and can help you out a great deal.

Consider this custom 4'5" Ringer. It is perfect for you and Mitch will probably help you out on the price.



boarder1995 07-22-2013 1:18 PM

Thanks for the input. The "stixx" recommendation was through the website online inquiry and I got a response back that evening. So, what's the major feel difference or benefit of one tail versus the other in comparing the SemiPro vs. Ringer? Will one cruise easier on small wakes for a beginner? Thanks.

Chaos 07-22-2013 1:50 PM

Tail shape has an effect, although largely overstated particularly for wake surfing. Tail shape is all about surface area, more or less surface area, which translates to more or less energy influencing the board. If every wakesurfer had a simple square, squash or swallowtail, then they would largely look alike. Boards get different tails shapes to one potentially capture more energy (wakes are small) and two, to provide a board a signature look.

For a beginner the Ringer will cruise easier and be easier to ride, but it is not because of the tail shape.


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