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simplej 05-26-2013 6:26 AM

Anyone have any wet sounds swivel tower brackets?? (Major problemsNot for tube tower)
Does anyone have any wet sounds swivel brackets they can post a picture of? Dealer installed them on my tige alpha z and the boat arrived with the tower speakers swaying back and forth to the point where I can't use the boat for fear of damage. I am wondering if a gasket was forgotten because the screws are tight as can be. I'm wondering if there was a gasket of some kind that was forgotten during the install (these were installed as warranty work for cracked speaker collars that hide the pro80 to tower connection) or if it's some other problem. Anyways the swaying on the 2 hour delivery caused death of a pro 80. Needless to say I am NOT pleased and am looking for the mounting mechanism to the tower for the 2 point towers because I can't find them anywhere, so if you have an alpha z, gladiator or maybe even illusion please help me out here

wetsounds1 05-26-2013 8:45 AM

You can call us Tue. The tower collars that hide the connector on the Alpha Z tower are a Tige part. Not a WS part so you know. As for the swivel base plates. A couple things to point out. Did the dealer get new hardware? As the bolts included in the swivel clamps are NOT to be used for that tower. That tower needs new hardware if bolting a base plate to the speaker locations. Check that first. Next, make sure the fork is installed properly and the locking allen bolt is tight. If this bolt is tight, they will not budge. We have the swivel clamps on fishing boats that are off shore hitting rough seas and never an issue. One of our fishing boats is a SCB bay boat that does 78 mph and has a raised platform. The Swivel REV 8 are under the platform. This boat is run HARD. High speeds and rough seas, used in fishing tournaments.

So unless the clamp base was stripped and cross threaded when they installed the speakers (which we have seen happen) They should not move. Sounds like your install was not done properly.

I am also wondering why they installed swivel clamps on PRO 80? On that tower, all you need to do is use a X mount and through bolt the speaker to the tower. The only reason to use the swivel base plates on that tower is if you want to take them down or swivel them. Most that get the swivel base plates take them down for towing long distances to keep the bugs off or for safe keeping. So another thing to ask the dealer. Why did they install swivel/removable speakers yet have them on the tower knowing you had a 2 hour drive.

I would bet they were not tightened all the way or stripped. But check that hardware to hold the base to the tower as well.

Give us a shout on Tue. 877-93807757

Wet Sounds

xstarrider 05-26-2013 9:58 AM

Checkout tigeowners.com.

There has been some real issues with the Alpha Z tower and the swivel clamps. I am assuming you mean Rev 8's because the pro 80's don't have that option. I will say the swivel clamps with my Rev 8's are probably the weakest part of the speaker. I am somewhat disappointed with mine being such a high end product. However the speaker performance has been absolutely flawless. No matter how tight I get them there is still bit wiggle. They just don't have that rock solid feel to me. Same with my other buddies. Wires have popped out of their harness on install, bolts have seized. While a great idea /design they could use a bit of refinement. My Allen bolt seized up the first couple times and I had to retap the clamps to make them smooth. If you do a search here you will find couple threads about the clamps themselves and their small issues. I had some of the first original speakers shipped so maybe that has been resolved. More specifically though the Alpha Z tower seemed to give them the most trouble for a solid fit. I remember Tim chiming in and helping them work it out, but it was a big issue

simplej 05-26-2013 2:39 PM

swat, i looked on TO and couldnt find the thread but i can assure you these are pro 80's.

they were installed as reparation for the fact that he could not get the broken collars from tige i am aware they are not a wetsounds part.

Tim, thanks for the reply, the issue is not with the swiveling mount itself but the portion of the mount that physically BOLTS to the tower, thing sways like CRAZY i will PM you a video tim and we can chat if i cant get it figured out. They delivered the boat, so i had no control over what went on before the drive. i didnt know if there is some kind of gasket that is missing that is causing the sway but i am working to fix the issue and they will come down and fix it if i cannot get it worked out . if it helps the hardware is BLACK that mounts the piece to the tower, they do this on all their boats without issue (so i'm told) because of the number of broken collars...

chpthril 05-26-2013 4:12 PM


Originally Posted by xstarrider (Post 1824238)
Checkout tigeowners.com.

There has been some real issues with the Alpha Z tower and the swivel clamps.

There has? really? Can you point them out? I am on there everyday and seem to have missed them.

xstarrider 05-26-2013 10:45 PM

I will try and find the link. I recall Tim working diligently getting it dialed. They were trying some rubber grommets and other quick fix solutions. Almost positive one sheared off. Again I will try and find it. It had to do with the fact the mounting area on the alpha z was not flat.

simplej 05-27-2013 6:09 AM


Originally Posted by xstarrider (Post 1824256)
It had to do with the fact the mounting area on the alpha z was not flat.

This is absolutely the problem...

Mini update though: dropped the speakers after a phone chat with the dealer's stereo tech I dropped the speakers, tightened the mounts as hard as I could, and re-attached the speakers. I reduced the shake to a normal level by tightening, got the speaker that had failed working again, ticked the boat over to make sure that the speaker was working ( though i discovered there was a broken pin in the speaker mount's plug) and voila, my syn 6 started up perfectly after throwing a "DC offset" code.... So I went wakeboarding :D.
While I was wakeboard the screws backed out so I am seeking a permanent solution, perhaps some kind of urethane bushing. I don't think it was a botched install just had a rough ride down from the dealer, I told him to drop the speakers before delivery of boats...

I really like the look of the mounts as well as the ability to drop the speakers, I leave my boat on a lift at the lake house, when I leave the house for more than a night it will be nice to remove the speakers from weather and just hide them in general. I hope I can get these working properly

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