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antoddio 03-31-2012 2:27 PM

Replacement head unit
My head unit has been on the fritz for awhile so I'd like to replace it. It is the very common kenwood as you can see below- kts_mp400mr. It is larger than a single DIN but not as large as a double. I can't determine which other head units would fit the space the same. I don't want to use an adaptor plate etc as I don't care for that look.

Please help me with what other units would fit the space. Looks like there is updated kenwood, clarion,alpine, sony and rockfort that may fit the space, but I can't figure out how to tell. I'm only interested in Marine units as it will probably get wet. I imagine the updated kenwood (shown below) would be a direct replacement, (with the added benefit of not having to redo wiring) but I wanted to explore my other options as well. Thanks for your help.

The old one
The updated kenwood model

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