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jaybee 05-17-2010 3:26 PM

Tips for towing long distances
I will be towing from Fla. to Va this week. This will be my first long distance trip with boat and am just curious if there is anything I need to know besides the standard rear tie downs/spare tire/brake fluid things.

behindtheboat 05-17-2010 3:36 PM

get bearings packed and tighten everything up

bcrider 05-17-2010 3:50 PM

I just make sure you have some additional tools like a socket set. Maybe a better jack then what comes with your truck if you do need to replace a tire. Otherwise just make sure your trailer is in good order.

99_slaunch 05-17-2010 4:16 PM

^^ What they said. Make sure you have the right lug wrench, jack,check air in the spare,make sure the spare fits your trailer and check brake fluid.

nubb 05-17-2010 4:32 PM

If you dont already have one, get a cushioned ball mount. It will make your ride alot more enjoyable.


johnny_gatsby 05-17-2010 4:37 PM

Somebody told me that with the tandem axles/tires, if you got a flat, you could continue to drive until you got to a service station or something without doing damage...any truth to this?

sdub 05-17-2010 4:40 PM

make sure you ck your trailer tire pressure. measure cold and adjust to max. pressure rating. Most trailer blowouts are due to under inflated tires.

jacobs0222i 05-17-2010 5:08 PM


Originally Posted by johnny_gatsby (Post 1586263)
Somebody told me that with the tandem axles/tires, if you got a flat, you could continue to drive until you got to a service station or something without doing damage...any truth to this?

Somewhat…. You would want to ratchet strap it up and take it slow.

pierce_bronkite 05-17-2010 5:22 PM

Put a light film of WD-40 on the front section of your tower. This will make wiping bugs off really easy. I also saran wrap the tower speakers and board holders for the same reason.

phatboypimp 05-17-2010 6:20 PM


motorcitymatt 05-17-2010 6:28 PM

Can of fix-a-flat, tire plug kit, small air compressor. Mud flaps on your rig will keep the rocks down. I have a set of removeable mud flaps from "Rock Tammers" LOVE them they attach to the receiver, so their only on the truck when you're in tow mode. They'll easily pay for themselves on a long trip like yours.

Enjoy your trip!

Make sure the wife/girlfriend has plenty of chapstick!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! Nothing like a little 'Road Ed' :)

cwb4me 05-17-2010 7:01 PM

make sure you check the wheel bearings each time you stop at a rest stop or gas station.other than a flat tire bearings are the second biggest problem.all you need to adjust them are a screwdriver diagonal side cutters and multi groove pliers.

frosty2469 05-18-2010 1:04 AM

2nd the ratchet for the tandem trailer... the blown tire axle is forced down by the weight... think teeter-totter...
grease gun for your bearings... check them @ each fill up. easy to do if you have the bearing buddy on the trailer... I have a bad bearing, was flinging grease.

stxr_racer 05-18-2010 6:04 AM

Make sure the ipod is fully charged lol!

robert 05-18-2010 6:59 AM

When I went from Va. to Lake Powell I used painters tape on the tower and anywhere cover might rub. Takes a minute to pull off and no bugs . Reapply on the return trip.

acurtis_ttu 05-18-2010 8:07 AM

I have an entire new hub assembly I keep as a spare. If something does go wrong, it's very simple to just swap out, instead of messing with replacings bearings/race's, ect.

denverd1 05-18-2010 9:12 AM

A chain or thick tie down strap. Let's you hang an axle if you blow a tire on a tandem. You'll need a jack or the semi-circle jack tool to hang one.

lakeski 05-18-2010 4:47 PM

Check your valve stems for dry rot. If they fail, you'll have a blowout.

alanp 05-18-2010 5:00 PM

where you going to in va??? i ride at lake anna let me know if youre around.

anyway ive towed 2 boats all the way across the country so you dont have that bad of a trip!!

anyway. proper lug wrench. grease your current bearings or just change them out. extra set of wheel bearings in case you blow a set. ropes for your cover, even if it is trailerable use some extra ropes across the boat to reduce the wind flap and prevent any tearing. ive had good sucess doing this. whenever i tow my boat i take a floor jack so i dont have to use the crappy car jack. this will jack your boat up super fast.

jaybee 05-29-2010 7:20 AM

Thank you so much for all he tips guys. Sure enough on the way back i was a mile out from Fl. and I look over and the passenger in the car next to me is yelling at me. My first thought was great I lost a seat (as I have had the happen b4, but was due to me forgetting to close the playpen gate), but I rolled my window down and heard her yell your trailer tire is going flat and sure enough it was. I will tell you this, having a floor jack is one of the best investments I have ever made($60 used), as it made changing the tire a snap. I have never changed a tire so fast in my life.

Alan - sorry I did not get back to you. I was at my in laws in King William and they have no internet and cell service is iffy at best. How close to King William are you. I ride the Pamunkey river as my in laws live on the pamunkey resrvation and its all glass all day. No matter which way the wind is blowing you can always find good water, but I think that goes for any river with enough twists and bends.

consigliereg8r 05-29-2010 8:02 AM

tandem axles
I have had three boat trailers and they all had tandem axles. I had leaf springs on one boat and it depended on which tire went flat as to whether you keep on with three tires. I had two flats on that POS. My recent trailers had a different suspension--no flats- but from working on the wheels - i am sure they could go on only three tires.
To summarize what everone else has said

#1. Check the bearings
#2. Check the bearings
#3 get a seperate jack and lug wrench for the boat
#4. Be sure you have a spare.
#5 Check the tires for problems and proper air pressure
#6 Check the bearings.

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