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malibuboarder75 05-24-2004 4:49 PM

Hey, <BR>Me and a bunch of friends are going to be riding at the Bay this weekend. I was wondering if anyone else will be there riding. There isnt much of a wakeboard scene around there and was just curious who would be out there. Hope to see anyone who is riding this weekend.

the_love_muscle 05-24-2004 7:07 PM

WTWT will be there. Look for the lime X-2

malibuboarder75 05-28-2004 5:49 AM

sure thing

indemand12 05-28-2004 7:25 AM

leo, I will be there in the lime x-2 that russell mentioned, I have been riding in bay st. louis my hole life and have been wakeboarding there since about '95. you are right there is not much of a scene there but there used to be back about 6 years ago there was a group of guys that killed it, unfortunatly they have all grown up[ gotten married or moved off. <BR>We will have some decent riders with us so if you see us feel free to flag us down.

malibuboarder75 05-30-2004 8:41 PM

hey man, i saw you. You ripped. ts roll 2 revert, indy tantrum, raley, and some other great tricks. I had fun watching you. I was in the green malibu response lx. we were riding in the same bayou most of saturday. I should have flagged you down.

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