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kramer 12-16-2018 3:54 PM

Ronix one vs Darkside?
Looking at new board for next year and trying to narrow down my selection. I rode a 2013 Ronix code 22 until a couple years ago in which I have been on a Slingshot Oli. Not a huge fan of the continuous rocker which is why I am looking for something different for next year. I have been looking closer into the Ronix Darkside as it seems to be close to my old code 22, but also like the idea of getting something different such as the Ronix one. Anybody have experience with how these boards ride? Pluses/minuses of each?

theloungelife 12-16-2018 8:34 PM

Interesting, I was in the same position 12 months ago. Had a 2015 Code 22 that was beat and needed a new board. I demoed both the 18' One and Darkside. I ended up not buying either. The one was fast and quick edge to edge, but felt squirly. The Darkside was closer to my liking but it wasn't 100%. I ended up jumping to Hyperlite on a Murray. I love it. Note, I jumped from the 139 Code 22 to a 144 HL Murray. I liked that change as well.

kramer 12-17-2018 9:36 AM

I went from the 139 code 22 to a 144 slingshot oli thinking it would be easier to ride with softer landings but never liked it as much as the code. I really didn't like how wide the bigger boards are, just wasn't near as responsive.

theloungelife 12-17-2018 12:49 PM

I tried a Slingshot Bluepill as well, but disnt love it. Might have been similar to how the Oli rides. On the other hand the Murray felt pretty reaponse and had great pop.

What height/weight are you?

kramer 12-17-2018 4:36 PM

I am 6' and 165. The slingshots seem to be heavier boards as well with the wood core.

ironj32 12-27-2018 6:43 PM

I went from riding the Code 22, every year it existed (I loved it), to the Ronix One Time Bomb upon the Code 22's retirement, to the Darkside and then back to the One Time Bomb. It could be all a mental thing, but I found the One Time Bomb to ride most similar to that of the Code 22. The instant kick of the Time Bomb is probably what makes that my preference.

MTH19 02-14-2019 4:33 PM

Darkside is a locked in feeling just like the code. I ride a 136 normally, I rode teh 139.5 and it felt comfortable like a 136. It's locked in, pretty quick, great pop, and great landing. Definitely run the 0.8 fins, or find a set of 0.6. Late pop, might have been a mind game, but it really did seem like my back foot got booted harder

The One is way surfy compared to the Darkside. Much looser, carving is more mellow. Still very fast going into the wake. I had to wait for the One to get on edge before it really hit the gas. Pop was really instant. Landing was soft too. Just not as much grip.

If you like a board that's more playgul, go with the One. If you like something you can edge hard and hit the flats, go with the Darkside

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