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dukeno1 09-06-2008 3:49 PM

Hey <BR> <BR>I just bought an el cheapo wakeskate at boaters world...on sale for like 35 bucks. It is only 41 inches long. Will a 6ft tall 205 lb guy be able to ride this or is it too small for me? It should work for my girlfriend and any kids that might want to try it. Just curious if I can ride it. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>Tim

wakemitch 09-06-2008 4:10 PM

its the right size

ethan31 09-06-2008 4:23 PM

I'm bigger than you and ride a 41.5 <BR> <BR>Perfect size IMO...

lovin_the_wake 09-08-2008 3:25 PM

IMO anything over 43" is way too big 41-43 seems to fit me perfectly I'm 6'1'' 180-185 That 41 seems like a good size for you . . . . What board is it ?

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