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premier136 07-06-2013 12:18 PM

Wisconsin Riders
New to Wisconsin looking for people to ride with. Currently living in Central Wisconsin but willing to drive a bit. I dont have a boat at the moment but have all my own gear. Willing to pay for gas and help chip in cleaning the boat etc..

sandm01 07-18-2013 4:27 PM

how far from gb?

premier136 07-19-2013 8:12 PM

Im in wausau at the moment so about an hr out..

sandm01 07-20-2013 8:19 AM

at the moment meaning being there for a while?

email particulars and availability...

mainly surf, matter of fact, not had a wakeboarder behind boat yet. '12 22ve.

wisconsinjoker 08-04-2013 8:09 AM

Hey I live in wausau, and have a boat. nothing too fancy just a fourwinns but it works. sandm01 I have been looking to ride with someone with a bit bigger wake if youd be game for another rider. premier and I could car pool down. lol

Ryan_8099 08-05-2013 2:23 PM

Seven - sent you a PM.

mark197 08-08-2013 2:35 PM

I am looking for a reliable crew in the GB area. Between SandM and me there it is hard to find a constant group. I mainly wakeboard.

moto822 12-29-2013 11:25 AM

Hey guys,

We have a group in the Green Bay Area. PM if int. we do a good mix of wakeboard and surf.

Got a 23' SANTE so plenty of room.

sandm01 06-22-2014 8:06 AM

green sante?

jhmeg2 08-01-2015 10:29 PM

Ive also got a four winns looking for people to hang with. In wautoma 20 mins south of Stevens point. Hit me up if interested

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