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wake1012 05-14-2010 1:35 AM

Mountain biking Moab
So I am heading to Moab in 2 days to go 4wheeling and mountain biking. Does anyone know of any good trails or areas to take a dh bike on? Me and my buddy are on full dh bikes(40 pounds 7 inches of travel) im on a devince Ollie and he is on a tomac 204 magnum. We arent looking to ride much uphill because how hot it is going to be and the bikes we are on. From heading online porcupine rim sounds good. Any otheres? Any info would be great. Thanks

Also any one else got any other ideas on fun things to do there. We are taking my brother built jeep and my stock 4runner. I am planning on running hells revenge and fins and things in my 4runner and he will run some harder trails in his jeep(hes got 5.5inch long arm lift full body armor). One thing cool that we are gonna do is hike to to mill creek to the swimming holes. Anyone else have any good ideas on things to do or see there.

rio_sanger 05-14-2010 11:41 AM

You're going to have a hard time finding downhills only in Moab. The town sits in a valley, and all the trails are up from there. We always were on X-C bikes, so the downhill is the reward for the climb! You may be able to shuttle up to some, but access will be difficult as most trail heads are down along the Colorado river.
You're going to be blown away by the scenery! There are a few micro breweries in town with some pretty good local brews, but It's been over 10 years since I was there last, so I don't remember the names of them. Great bike shops in town as well. Have fun!

Poison Spider Mesa is a must do trail, as is Amasa Back. Porcupine Rim is awesome too.
...Actually every trail there is pretty amazing!!

three6ty 05-14-2010 7:24 PM

You should take your DH bikes and your 4 wheeler to the White Rim trail about 25 minutes outside of MOAB. The drop into the white rim trail from the rangers office is about 4 miles long with a drop of about 1500 feet. Sick DH riding. Unless you F up and go off the side of the cliff.

jakoerber 05-15-2010 8:32 PM

There are some great trails in moab, check out porcupine rim, it tmight be about a 3 mile, mostly flat but some up hill. However it is continued by one of the funnest downhills, 18 miles long and the views are some of the most intense ive ever seen. Hope you enjoy moab

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