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ride152 04-01-2009 1:02 PM

I currently have two batteries on my boat. A deep cycle and a normal battery. The deep cycle starts the boat and all my accessories are hooked up to the second battery. The batteries are ran in parrallel, so the draw happens from both. If we are chilling too long, I disconnect them. (planning on getting a switch soon) <BR>My question is, do I need a third? <BR>I am running: two amps, one 600 watt, one 800 watt, stereo, ipod charger off a cigarette lighter, neons in boat and in tower speakers. The 600 watt amp pushes a sub with a capacitor to help. My pump to fill/drain ballast is also ran off the deep cycle, but used only twice a day. <BR> <BR>My stereo would cut out last year if I turned it up too loud for too long, is this a power issue? Should I get a third battery? <BR> <BR>Thanks guys!

topside_marine 04-01-2009 1:50 PM

Nate, <BR> <BR>If you would like give me a call at 408 451 9596. I would have several suggestions on how to optimize your battery setup. What you describe sounds like you will have issues with the current configuration. It is unlikely you will need another battery depending on how you use or listen to your system. Just adding a third battery will not solve your problem however.

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