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hornrapids1 05-08-2016 10:13 PM

Any 2005 supra 21 launch owners out there
I recently bought a nice 2005 supra launch. This is my first boat ever. I have. Bag in the front center and a ballast in the back. Not sure how much either bag ballast holds. Any ideas? What set up do you use to have a good wake. From what I have read on this forum I need more weight than the stock set up provides. Is that correct. I would like to know the best possible set up on a stock boat. I do have a 500 lb external bag I could put in. Where would I put that if I was.going to use it?. Lastly, on the steering wheel is a trim control. What position and how does it affect the wake. Sorry for all the questions but boats are not my field of expertise at all.

luke22885 05-09-2016 7:34 AM

I have had an 05 21v for 4 years now and the best we have gotten the wake was rear bags filled, center 1100 lb bag filled, a 500 lb bag on front seat and the trim tab at about 1/4. Thats with 4 or 5 people in the boat. With that being said it has a really nice wake with stock ballast, we just add the front bag if we have more than 2 or 3 people in the boat. Sometimes we just have 1 or 2 people sit up there.

jonblarc7 05-09-2016 8:32 AM

Didn't the 2005 21v come with 600 pound bag in the center. You had to swap it out to the 1100 gravity games bag. If you tell us the numbers stamped on the bag we can find out ones you have.

SS_Hooke102 06-02-2016 9:00 PM

Gwr if you need help setting up your ballast I'd be more than willing to come out with you and help this summer. I sent you my number in a pm.

tyler97217 06-02-2016 10:49 PM

This post will do much better in the Boats and Accessory section FYI
I agree with what Blair said if you are wakeboarding. If surfing we need to discuss separately. Many people upgraded the stock bags which I think was 400 in each rear and 650 up front. Replace the front bag with an 1100 and take your old stock front bag and move it to the rear. Buy one more of those 650 long bags and put it in the other rear. They are longer and help move some weight forward and still leave you storage space. Run that set up and about 23.5 MPH and you will be a happy camper with that wake. Wake plate somewhere near half, but you can play with that to your liking. The boat will defintely surf, but it is a short pocket.

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