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jmanst15 07-15-2013 10:55 PM

Which in boats go best with an Arc XDI805???
I am doing a slight stereo overhaul. Getting an XDI805 installed for my stock infinity in-boats and a new Arc KS12 sub. I have pro 60s up top. Which in boats should I go with that will work well with the XDI805???

07-16-2013 3:40 AM

I just had the ARC Audio Xdi805 installed and used the Rockford Fosgate M262B and they work great. My Xdi is also running a WS 10" sub. I have the WS Pro485s on the tower running off an Arc 600.2. Everything is controlled through the WS 420 EQ/ Line driver.

chpthril 07-16-2013 4:55 PM

The XDi805 will deliver 80W rms to a single 4 ohm speaker or 60W rms with a pair of 4 ohm speakers p/chnl wired in parallel. So, go with which ever marine 6.5" speaker you want. Go with the ones you like the looks of, sound of and price of, as they will all perform well on that amp.

The XDi will deliver 400W rms on the sub chnl, so be sure to get a 4 ohm DVC Arc 12.

jmanst15 07-16-2013 11:04 PM

Would I be able to run 4 XS 650's? Or do I need to stick to the XS 65's if I go the wetsounds route?

chpthril 07-17-2013 6:03 AM

You can 8 xs-650, if you wanted.

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