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newwhit 09-26-2016 4:06 PM

Handle diameter
We just got back into wakebording about a year ago. Now, we have kids age 6-12 riding. Anyone have a seperate smaller/shorter handle for kids, does it help?

getssum 09-26-2016 10:50 PM

Also interested to know the answer on this.

CRS_mi 09-27-2016 7:45 AM


Ronix makes a good kids setup. That's the only one I know of.

skiboarder 09-27-2016 8:04 AM

SOAP BOX: In many ways wakeboarding has come off the rails and IMO it threatens the future of the sport. Most casual wakeboarders have a finite number of bad falls programmed into them (Lifers don't). As a beginner sticking your big toe into the wakeboard waters, If you are met with brutalizing crashes early on, you will get injured, quit or worse--start wake surfing all of the time. I learned all of my basics and first 15 or so inverts 20 years ago on a 55ft line at 19mph. I took a few dingers along the way, but slower boat speed (forward motion) and shorter rope (crossing motion) made everything bearable. I couldn't imaging taking fall, after fall, after fall behind a modern sac'ed out wakeboard boat at 22mph+ and 70ft+. I even wonder if I would have made it. Even as an adult, don't get sucked into the hype. Less is more. Landing new tricks without the fear of getting crushed is a lot cooler than a big wake, long line and being stuck at an intermediate level forever.

I've been coaching wakeboarding for a long time and I love working with kids. My 5 year old finally expressed an interest a few weeks ago. First thing I did was go to the hardware store and buy a .75 dowel and 30ft of poly-e rope. I pull her between 6-8mph. and she stays between the wakes. The separation is the toughest part for kids 3-6 years old so until they are comfortable go slow and keep them close.

If you kids are crossing the wakes and handling the board well, still keep them short. 55ft or so. On most V-rides without weight, that will give them a clean wake at less than 20mph. If your rope won't go that short, get a new rope. As for the handle-size, most kids don't care. There are narrow diameter handles out there if you are building a rope just for them.

skiboarder 09-27-2016 8:36 AM

By shorter handle you literally meant shorter handle. Oops.
I stick by the shorter rope comments though.

denverd1 09-27-2016 8:41 AM

wow, dude asks for handle input and gets a lecture on roots of the sport and a random's favorite pastime.

the house has SL mini handle for $20

skiboarder 09-27-2016 9:16 AM

Nacho, are you calling me "a random"?

buffalow 09-27-2016 9:52 AM

I have taught hundreds of people and countless kids. I actually prefer to have them start at 50-60' with standard rope. The wake actually helps keep them in the middle. Than if they want to learn I just focus on one wake. There is no right or wrong way - the key are to keep it fun and make sure they are safe.

As far as handle size - I do have a thinner handle and than thicker handles for our hands.

wakemitch 09-27-2016 2:01 PM


It's a 13" handle with a narrower diameter. It was made by Follow for Water Monsters which is a wakeskate company.

I started using it a little while ago and now I love it. The small handle is really nice.


obriengotwake 09-27-2016 4:06 PM

Also check out the women's handles.

newwhit 09-29-2016 10:15 AM

thanks guys

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