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wiscxstar 04-14-2012 8:55 AM

How Cold and For How Long to Re-Winterize
I am in North West Wisconsin and it is going to 75 this weekend, however, it is supposed to get down to 32 (low) in the next few days. It "looks" from the weather.com that it will only be that cold for one night.

I keep the boat in a metal shed, no insulation, but completely closed from the elements. I want to take the boat out today, but I don't want to winterize it again for this coming week.

What do you guys think?

bushtree 04-14-2012 9:23 AM

No idea as Im in down in Arizona.. But that said, Space Heater/Propane Heater or something in the metal shed overnight? Just enough to keep it above freezing for the few hours necessary ?

monkey_butt 04-14-2012 9:48 AM

Had my boat in the driveway last week in MN when temps dropped below 30 after having it already de-winterized. If its in the shed you song have an issue ... It won't freeze in that short period of time. Make sure that you start engine one more time after its out of the water - that will get most of the water out of manifolds etc. chances are that in the shed the temperature will barely be below 32 anyway so if you put a glass of water in there it will not be frozen at all either.

trdon 04-14-2012 12:44 PM

Is one day of riding worth 8k for an engine swap if anybody is wrong? Either leave it alone or take the 15minutes to drain the water from the block when you are done.

tonyv420 04-14-2012 1:42 PM

put some heat in the engine compartment, maybe a low wattage light bulb. Doubt you crack anything from a overnight coldspell. maybe if it was going to be below 32 degrees for more then 72 hours straight.

chrisbucklin 04-14-2012 6:20 PM

Russell where u from? I'm from appleton,and my boat has been summerized for a month now...it will b fine.

wiscxstar 04-14-2012 8:02 PM

Hey Chris - I am in Western Wisconsin right on the border of WI/MN next to the Twin Cities. Good to know because I went out riding today :) Bad news is I think the servo is out on our Wakeboard Perfect Pass.

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