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brough 05-31-2006 5:59 AM

Ok I have been surfing on and off for several years. Anyways I started riding on an actual surfboard and switched to a broadcast a while back. I am kind of sick of just standing there on the broadcast. I think its about as manuverable as a LOG. Is it my novice riding level. I can do 180s on it but thats about it. I REALLY need some opinions on more manuverable boards. I weigh 155 and am 5'11". Thanks for any info.

surfdad 05-31-2006 6:40 AM

The 4'9" or 5'6" broadcast? You could easily step down to 4'6" board, just watch your stance - you taller folks tend to have a "too" wide stance. If your style is more surflike, where you like to carve, throw deep bottom turns and floaters, I think your assessment of a 5'6" broadcast is probably accurate. Companies that offer more and BETTER surfstyle options include: Xtreme board company ask Gary about his new advanced boards, the Walker Project (options in 4'2" to 4'6" would be good for you), Shred Stixx (Jerry has a new shape about to come out too, ask him for details) his Piranaha (sp?) in 4'11", Shoreline Lakeboards 5'0" and I wouldn't pass up Inland Surfer's Yellow - that board rips. Many of those folks have demo boards available if you are in their area.

niap101 05-31-2006 7:38 AM

If you are looking for a maneuverable board, you should definitely look at the Surf Skate. I ride the Surf Skate finless. To me, fins just feel too restrictive. <BR>Larry Mann <BR><a href="http://www.TrickBoardz.com" target="_blank">www.TrickBoardz.com</a> <BR>

bigshow 05-31-2006 9:55 AM

You're doing more with your Broadcast than I am with mine. I don't know, for me the Broadcast was a good starter board. It is nice and stable, easy for beginners to get up on, and I like carving the wake with it. I only have about one season of surfing under my belt and most of that (99.9%) is behind a boat. I tried surfing at Ocean City Maryland last year but it was kind of a placid day, when I did catch a wave I dug the nose of the board in the sand and slide off, not very satisfying. <BR> <BR>If you’re an experienced west coast surfer you probably know what you’re doing and what you want, Jeff can point you in the right direction. I've had good success with other beginners on the Broadcast and would recommend it as a starter – may good for us land locked Midwesterners. <BR> <BR>I've got one of Larry's Mojos and like that board a lot, much looser, should be able to spin it.

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