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JustinH13 05-24-2020 9:40 AM

Grabbed Toe Side Spins
Years ago I didn't have much trouble grabbing toe side spins (360s & 540s). But increasingly over the last few years I've had more and more trouble with any kind of grab involving my front hand. I can easily grab with my back hand and can do 3's that way.

Anyone experienced trouble in grabbing with your front hand, like melan, for example on toe side spins? Am I just not bringing the board up enough? Any advice?


simplej 05-25-2020 3:55 PM

Take off almost 100% on your front foot, that seems to help me throw the board right into my left hand for a Melanie or nose grab

lucas200397 05-27-2020 11:21 PM

100% What simplej said for me, my toeside's improved 10 fold when I started putting all my weight on my front foot. This is also what gave me enough control to grab,shifty, and spin.

JustinH13 05-31-2020 8:07 AM

Thanks to you both - putting more weight on my front foot definitely helps!

Reez 06-01-2020 7:07 AM

Will putting more wait on the front foot help the initiate the spin faster? I learned 5's first, then got 3's dialed in and havent really done 5's since..... and now my toe 5 stinks.

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