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hawk22 05-26-2019 5:24 PM

All the Craz
Iím trying to help some friends get their 2018 Moomba craz dialed in. I usually feel like I can help most people on most boats. Got their surf wave dialed pretty well...nothing fancy doin there... just fill everything and set wakeplate at 0 and 12mph and pretty good. But for the darn life of me I couldnít get the wakeboard wake to do much. Best I got was all ballast full at around 22.5 but still didnít seem as rampy as I remember previous models being, albeit years ago.

So just trying to help some friends get setup. Any input regarding surf or wake would be greatly appreciated.


rexlex01 05-27-2019 4:24 PM


Ttime41 05-28-2019 6:28 AM

The Craz is an awesome boat for wakeboarding, you just need to make sure one thing is always true: the center wakeplate must be all the way up, as in none of the plate is in the water after you get on plane. That will give you a super clean and rampy shape. The other awesome thing about the Craz is that it will take all of the weight you can give it (as long as you have enough motor to get it on plane), and the shape gets better and better as you add more. I've seen people swap the rear bags with 1100's and that wake is enough to satisfy just about anyone.

Anyhow, the last thing I'll say is that depending on the options on that specific boat, you may want to verify that the speed is correct. I've noticed on the ones that do not have the GPS cruise and come with the standard paddle wheel, sometimes the speed offset is not 100% accurate from the factory. If that checks out and the wakeplate gets set right, you guys will really enjoy that wake.

hawk22 05-30-2019 9:55 PM

Thanks Ttime. Appreciate the insight.

Matt0520 05-31-2019 5:31 AM

All the Craz
With 500# of lead and center ballast as the only adjustment weíve been really happy. Riders of all skill levels have been really happy. Ours is a Ď19 but I donít think there were any hull changes.

Ballast is definitely earned lol...for me, wakeplate adjustments at 18-20mph are more than enough.

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