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tallman 06-01-2004 12:25 PM

I have recently built a good size slider and I have noticed how harder boards wear better. For example I had a CWB absolute Platinum and this board seemed to wear quite well over the slider. My edges didnít chip or break out very easily. I also have a 03 Premier DNA this board wears like crap. Every time I hit the slider it seems like a have to epoxy my edges because they are all chipped to heck. So what Iím getting at is I recently broke my CWB and I need to look for a board that wears well on sliders. Does Hyperlite have any other "hard" boards besides the Parks? Any Insite on how A TFD, Temet, or any other board takes slider abuse would be apprciated.

blind5 06-01-2004 11:10 PM

Well the DNA's all ware down really fast. I had a Belmont DNA last year and it's all messed up. But now have a TFD Biolite and have hit just as many sliders on it if not more than the Belmont and it is still very ridable.

devastate 06-02-2004 12:45 AM

not sure which wear well, but watch out for last year's DU Nelson and LF Substance, cause they wear out fast on sliders and kickers.

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